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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Defiant Supreme Reviews - Rattrap

Name: Rattrap
Function: Spy/Demolition Expert
Scurrying about in the shadows, a simple rat finds a hiding place among his fellow rats. However, the other rats are frightened, as if this rat were an unnatural life form. If were talking unnatural, we gotta be talking about one thing, Robots in Disguise! If ever there were a rat to have on your side, its Rattrap. From explosives to sticking to the shadows on a Maximal recon mission, Rattrap is the best there is.
Allegiance: Maximal
First cartoon appearance: Beast Wars: Part 1

What Rattrap lacks in size and firepower, he more than makes up for in cunning, whit, and a sense of humor. Always a Dinobots throat, and Dinobot right back at his, it's a wonder that Rattrap can get any work done. Whether it's a mission to infiltrate the Predacon base for a stolen Maximal decoder chip, or shutting down the Maximals defense grid because of a childish scuff between he and Dinobot, there is no more loyal and trustworthy Transformer then this rat.

Beast mode
Rattrap's beast mode is, you guessed it, a rat. What better form to take for a spy then a rat. Theres not a lot to say about Rattraps beast mode really. He's not very posable in beast mode, but thats what you get for 5 dollars. His feet are a pinkish color, while his tail and backside are a tan-brown blend. The rest of his body is grey, which gives him a genuine rat appearance. His nose is not colored in, ut his eyes are a dark yellow, and he has a develish smile that makes you wonder what he is thinking, in classic Rattrap fashion. If you pick him up and look underneath, you can clearly see his robot parts, a common beast wars problem. But, ce la vie. Like I said, he's not very posable. In fact, the only thing that moves on him in beast mode are his feet. All four of them rotate 360 degrees. Another drawback is you can clearly see the lines where he transforms. If memory serves me correctly, there were only 2 variations to this Rattrap, the original, and a Wal-Mart blue re-issue. You gotta love that Sam Walton, he'll reissue anything! However, Rattrap did have 2 other forms, Transmetal and his beast machines forms, but thats a story for another day.

Robot Mode
Well I would love to go on for hours about how to transform Rattrap, but it's really not that hard. My brother is 9, and he figured it out in 8 seconds. All you have to do is grab ahold of his head and tail, and push his head down. You'll need to use his rat tail to maintain his balance. Once in robot mode, you can raise up both of Rattraps arms, and remove both pieces of his cannon. Unfold the folded piece, and connect them to each other. To make him a little less bulky, you can fold his top beast mode feet down 180 degrees. Afer that, pose him the way you want him, and your all set. This toy KIND OF looks like the Rattrap of the cartoon, but the add wizards down there obviously didn't feel like spending countless hours on our friend here to make him look more authentic. Rattraps beast head sits just below his robot head, just like on the show. However, the toys head is a lot more bulky. His arms and legs look like the cartoon, but they lack the color and definition of his tv counterpart. His toes are the same grey as his rat body, and his shins and calfs are silver with grey on the back of them. His thighs are brown, as well as his pelvic area, and his upper arms. His hands are silver. R His face has the same features as the cartoon, but then again, they lack the color and definition. In the cartoon, Rattraps skull was a very shiny chrome, but the toy is just a dull silver. His whole head is the same grey as the body, and his eyes are red. The actual face details look like Rattrap, but they lack the color. All in all, Rattrap is well worth the price, if you're a hardcore Transformer fan, and a great piece to finish any collection.

Transformation:3 - Like I said, my brother got this in 8 seconds, and we think he needs the "special classes" Rattrap gets more then a one, because if you remember G1 min-bots, then you know that there are transformers out there that transform even easier then Rattrap.
another story.
Durability: 10 - Never once have I had a piece break or pop off this guy, and he’s had a few falls
in his time.
Fun: 4 - Im sorry, this is a good toy to have, but I think they could have put more thought into Rattrap.
Price: 4 - I picked mine up at a local grocery store for 5 dollars when it was new. You can get a MIB (mint in box) Rattrap on ebay for anywhere from 3 to 10 dollars.
Overall: 6 - Not the greatest toy ever made, but he is well worth the few dollars. He's durable, he's cheap, he's Rattrap! Go get you one. Right now. Seriously.
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