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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Wildfire's review- Quickstrike

Name: Quickstrike
Function: Desert Combat Expert
There are few robots as downright mean as Quickstrike, even his fellow Predacons steer clear of his terrible disposition whenever possible. His deadly cobra-headed tail squirts a venom that instantly paralyzes its victims, leaving them defenseless against his razor-sharp scorpion pincers and attack claw.
Allegiance: Predacon
First cartoon appearance: Coming of the Fuzors: Part 1

One of the first Fuzors, Quickstrike was a fan favorite, even if he did have that stupid Texan accent.

Beast mode
Quickstrike is the fusion between a scorpion and a cobra and has embodied the worst of each. He is mainly translucent orange with metallic green detailing on his head, back, claws, and cobra head. His beast eyes (all four of them) are bright orange and he has some dark brown on his tail, upper claws and back. Quickstrike's body is patterned alternately with scales and pitted chitin. Quickstrike has an amazing amount of articulation in his beast mode; eighteen total! Most of these are in his tail, which contains seven ball joints alone, but his claws have two each as well, plus each section of the pinchers can move independently. Quickstrike also has a gimmick in this mode. Dip the cobra head in water then push in on the soft brown section under the hood to suck in some of the water, the aim the head and push the section again to shoot a stream of water.

Robot Mode
Open the claws all the way and straighten them out in front of the beast head, large claw sections pointed up. Turn him over and pull the orange scorpion legs away from the body, rotate the brown section that the tail and legs are connected to to the right and poke the robot head down from it's place at the center of the brown piece. Incidentally, Quickstrike's rub sign is exposed at this point. Rub it and see if he's a Predacon, go on, I dare ya. Continuing the transformation, pull the section with the rub sign down and over while at the same time flipping the beast head back. Position the arms accordingly and there you have it. No new colors are added here, most of him is just pieces from the beast mode flipped around. Quickstrike's head is translucent yellow with a metallic green eye mask and head crest. He has roughly eighteen points of articulation in this mode and can still use his water squirting gimmick.

Transformation:5 - A bit tricky at first perhaps.
Durability: 6 - Pretty solid.
Fun: 9 - Lots of possible poses, shoots water, looks freakin’ badass.
Price: 7 - It’s gonna cost ya. I’m sure Quickstrike won’t come cheap, try for his Japanese version; those seem to be going for less now.
Overall: 9 – One of my favorites, should be one of yours too.
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