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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

Brave Maximus' review of: Optimus Minor

Name: Optimus Minor
Allegiance: Maximal
Function: Maximal Ground Commando
Sub-Group: Transmetal 2

Due to Megatron's rash cloning experiments, the Maximals are joined by another new ally; Optimus Minor is a cybernetically-enhanced monkey with unparalleled speed and agility. Possessing superior balance and climbing abilities, this highly intelligent cyber-primate must learn to control hostile instincts - a side effect of Megatron's experiments - and a ferocious advantage in battle. The Predacons learned quickly that Optimus Minor's presence is no laughing matter.

At the end of the Beast Wars run, Megatron tried to find away to surpass Optimal Optimus' power and began to play with the Alien Transmetal technology. Well it blew up in his face and created a new breed of Transformers - The Transmetal 2's. The cool thing about them is they are not symmetrical in any way. They blend organic part but have robotic pieces almost painfully poking through. This group of Transformers also heralded the coming of the Spark Crystals. Something I wish Hasbro and Takara had of kept up with. Optimus Minor is one of the basic TMII's. He bares a striking resemblance to Optimus Primal, but there's no mention of him in his tech specs.

Alternate Mode:
Optimus Minor's alt mode is a monkey - and a truly bizarre one at that. He's a smaller monkey than Optimus Primal ever was, more than likely based on a spider monkey or something similar. But this is no ordinary monkey. His primary colours are Black, Red and Vacuum Metalized Gold with some blue thrown in for fun. The sculpt on a toy this small is amazing, there are patches of fur with robotic parts poking through and armour plating with fur and muscle growing on it. No two parts or sides on this monkey match. There's fur on one leg where there's robotics on the other and the chest has nothing symmetrical. His tail is a nasty weapon, serrated with a spike at the end. Under his right arm is his maximal spark crystal in green and gold.

Robot Mode:
His robot mode is even more a conglomeration than his beast mode. His armour has a vaguely Oriental design to it, similar to the later Samurai armour. More organic and cybernetic parts make an appearance here. But where the Beast Machines Technorganic was a blending of both, this looks more like a forced fusion of the two. The main complaint I hear about Optimus Minor are his arms. They split down the centre two form 2 two fingered arms. The problem is if you leave them together they look thick and clunky. I personally like him with the four arms. It adds to his strange look. His head is defiantly an Optimus head, with the crest and antenna being the dead give away. His face, though, has an almost Psychotic grimace to it, defiantly not a pleasant guy. His only weapon is his tail, which becomes a whip. But for a commando, maybe that's all he needs.

Transformation: 5 - not too hard and not too easy.
Durability: 9 - a tough little Monkey, I've dropped him a couple of times and he hasn't even chipped any paint.
Fun: 9 - A fun little guy, I can see him swinging around the branches of primordial earth taking out the Preds
Price: 10 - you can still find him in Zellers all over the place for about $5 Canadian.
Summary: 8 - I like him. But I think with this mold, I think you either love him or hate him. Check him out at your local store. But I say buy him and give him a chance, he'll grow on you.

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