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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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railfan990's review: Injector

Name: Injector
Function: Air Commander
Allegiance: Predacon
Sub-Group: Fuzor

He's got a face only a Predacon could love, but according to Injector, the vainest of the Predacons, he is the best thing to happen since Energon. Fused into two beasts - half lionfish, half hornet - he is as dangerous as it gets. He is armed with a massive stinger and thrusting splines that inject his victims with a paralyzing poison; in robot mode he wields a devastating stinger missile. Charismatic, clever, and evil to the core, Injector represents one of the Maximal's greatest threats.

I’ve always been a fan of Beast Wars, but never had any money to buy the figures. Until one day I was down at my local Deka (now defunct) and I spied a shelf of Beast Wars toys. I only wanted show characters, but they didn’t have any. So I got Injector instead. Despite not being a show character, he’s still one of my favourite transformers.

Beast Mode:
Injectors beast mode is, well, unusual, but that’s to be expected, since he’s a Fuzor. He basically looks like “a lionfish with a hornet stuck up his backside”. But if you think about it, any other lionfish/hornet hybrid wouldn’t have been as cool. Injector has a healthy amount of gimmicks for a deluxe. If you push the fin under his head, the head jerks forward and displays his spines. His energon chip/rubsign is on the underside of his fish head. Also, if you press the button on his abdomen, his sting fires as a missile.

His fish head has scales and is covered with what looks like puss-filled boils, while his insect half is molded to look and feel like a hornet's abdomen. (Well, I imagine that's what a hornet feels like, since I'm not going to try and touch one) His beast mode is so well moulded, that if there were such a thing as a lionfish/hornet hybrid (thank goodness there isn't), Injector would do a brilliant job representing it, save for the back legs, which like most Beast Wars insects, are his robot legs and therefore have humorously large feet.

Robot Mode:
After a quick transformation, it’s fairly easy to see that his robot mode wouldn’t win him any beauty contests, but remember, he's a Transformer, not a Bratz doll. He kind of looks like the Hunch Back of Notre Dame, only a lot uglier. His stinger becomes his gun, with the sting as a missile, although the way his arms are positioned makes holding it difficult for him.

He is a highly poseable figure due to the large number of hinges and ball joints on him, however this does mean that if he gets loose, his usefulness may become hindered. This is partly because both ends of his feet are hinged separately, which can result in older ones having difficulty standing, especially since his hunched over fish head can make his front half top-heavy. The way his arms are positioned means that in order to aim his gun, he must hold his arm out straight.

Transformation: 5 – I managed to do it fairly quickly without instructions. (Even if my Grandma hadn’t thrown the package straight out I still would have been able to)
Durability: 7 - Mine hasn’t broken yet, but he has his fair share of ball joints which pop off every now and then. As long as you don’t play catch with him, he should be fine. Although the way his robot head is positioned may limit his ability to stand later in life.
Fun: 9 – I could have hours of fun with Injector. From shooting at things to posing him. He really is very enjoyable.
Price: 10 – I don’t remember what I paid for him, but since he was a notorious peg-warmer it shouldn’t cost you a lot to pick one up.
Overall: 10 – Hours of entertainment to be had from Injector. Even if you only collect show characters, I would still suggest giving Injector a go. You wont be disappointed.

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