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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
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fort_max' review of: Silverbolt

Name: Silverbolt
Allegiance: Maximal
Function: Tracker
Sub-Group: NA
"After the darkness, I take wing again!"

Formerly a warrior with the Maximals, Silverbolt became the victim of the worst kind of crime. His spark stolen and reprogrammed by Megatron, Silverbolt was remade into the evil Vehicon aerial general, Jetstorm. With no memory of his Maximal past, it took Blackarachnia to finally bring him back to his former Maximals self. Reformatted into a technorganic condor, his wings create violent turbulence that topples Vehicons. In Robot Mode, eyes can fire static pulse lasers that paralyze Vehicons instantly. Silverbolt struggles to shake his Vehicon past and rediscover his noble Maximal ways.

Beast Mode:
I realize that most people may see Megatron stealing Silverbolt's spark and reprogramming him into the evil Vehicon Jetstorm as 'a bad thing'. However, after seeing this toy in its beast mode (that of a condor), I'm starting to think he may have been better off. One of the things that struck me when I first opened this toy was the color scheme. To say that it's 'not quite show-accurate' is a huge understatement. In the cartoon, Silverbolt was purple, with yellow and silver accents. Unfortunately, someone at Hasbro thought it might be a good idea to put out his toy with a nearly blinding orange and yellow color scheme, with just enough translucent blue to prevent any permanent damage to the retina. Frankly, Silverbolt may not have been the best choice for tracker, as any enemy would see him coming a mile away. Once I actually transformed him for the first time, I began to realize how horribly designed Silverbolt is. For one thing, no matter how hard you squint or how many medications you mix, he looks nothing like a condor whatsoever. His wings are the worst thing to have ever been inflicted upon a Transformer, looking like a D-grade movie vampire holding his cape. Little tip to anyone wanting to display this toy: Avoid the beast mode like the plague.

Robot Mode:
In the interest of fairness, I'm going to address the strong points of Silverbolt's robot mode before I begin to rip into it. Once transformed, the most noticeable thing about this mode is the fact that, despite the garish color scheme, it is fairly show accurate. The sculptors of this mold did a really good job of capturing Silverbolt's samurai look, and the shoulder blades look surprisingly good. In fact, the only things that detract from the accuracy of the toy are the freakishly large hands (formerly the condor's feet) and the glaringly obvious beast head in the middle of his torso. Also, with fifteen points of articulation, Silverbolt is very poseable, making him surprisingly fun to play with. Unfortunately, in addition to the issues already addressed, Silverbolt's robot mode has a couple of problems of its own. One of the major annoyances when dealing with this toy is the legs. Show-accurate or no, Silverbolt's legs make it aggravatingly hard to play with or display, as even breathing heavily in its general direction will cause it to collapse. Also, Silverbolt's weapon is laughable. When transforming him from beast to robot mode, his wings detach and seem to serve as both a capture claw and a sword. However, it fails miserably in both respects, making me wonder exactly what Hasbro was thinking when they designed it.

Transformation: 3. Should require only one quick glance at the instructions.
Durability: 9. This toy has survived countless falls without so much as a scratch, and the joints are all as tight as the day I bought it.
Fun: 5. Surprisingly fun, but still nothing special.
Price: Shouldn't run more than $6 US mint on card, but I still felt sort of cheated.
Summary: 4. Might be worth picking up if you have a few extra dollars, but nothing to go searching for.

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