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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

Tempest's review of: Geckobot

Name: Geckobot
Allegiance: Maximal
Function: Aerial Combat Specialist
Sub-Group: NA
"I will blind you with my brilliance!"

One of the few Maximals capable of aerial operations, Geckobot is extremely swift and maneuverable when flying. Equipped with storage cell on back that powers a variety of energy pulse weapons. Wings and tail act as super-sensitive energy receptors, giving Geckobot a high level of endurance during long-range reconnaissance or attack missions. Very intelligent and create - enjoys constructing 'garbage art' sculpture out of destroyed Vehicons.

I thought hey, what the hell; get him he's only $5AUD (About $4 US). I thought it would be a good buy. How wrong I was. As I look at the little guy, I feel a little bit of pity for him. He has bright eccentric colors, light orange/yellow, purplish red, red and then his main color is a bland aqua green. COME ON! This guy was a toy that was allocated to the Beast Machines line, but was not featured in the show.

Alternate Mode:
Well, it's a gecko. It's a gecko with wings and a very long tail. Wheeeee. I must admit the detailing is very good, and I mean extremely good. But that doesn't make up for the bizarre mold. His head opens up to reveal his Maximal core, which is green. His head moves from side to side. His tail bends back and looks like a fin, maybe it helps him fly/glide. With his wings, if you pull on the back part, the front feather/blade moves forward. Kind of like a chopping action. His legs are lizard-like and are his fingers and toes are bent like he's climbing up the wall. Call the Human Fly and tell him he doesn't have to call in sick.

Robot Mode:
If you have an imagination, and you don't need a good one, all you have to do to turn him into robot mode is turn his head around and pull back his lizard head. Wal La! I mean, I noticed when I got bored with him (that took half an hour) and went hey, what happens if you do this. Amazing. Maybe that's why I'm so pessimistic about him, but nah there's more. To 'properly' transform him, you pull back the tail and the lizard head. From there, pull out his back and break it in two, this is so you can move the shoulders upwards. From there, pull the head back further and the tail up and you're done. What I also noticed, his arms come down to his feet, and they are like zombie arms, with extra length. 'The better to strangle you with, you Vehicon'

Now, within a week of my purchase I decided to have a look at him again, when I got to do so I hear a light grinding noise. Apparently nothing at the time (I was younger) and didn't care. Later on I came to the realization that the grinding noise came from the little bumps that hold the shoulders in place. They are now loose as hell. And not just those joints, nearly all of them are. Only the lizard head neck, and the tail has lasted, and they are the ones you move the least.

Transformation: 1 - Too easy. I just looked at it and did it. Easy as pie.
Durability: 5 - Pretty angry about his shoulder joints, and his arms, but he takes quite a few hits and is still swinging his overlarge arms.
Fun: 4 - It was good for a couple of hours and then he went back into the box.
Price: 7 - Not a bad price for the toy, gotta give him that. I mean he was dead cheap.
Summary: 3 - I've had a lot of problems with this guy and he deserves to go back in the box after I'm done typing this. If you find him on eBay, get him if he doesn't cost you much in shipping but if you're a person that's 'gotta have 'em all', put him towards the bottom of the list.

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