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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Savannahtron's review of: Wheeljack

Generation: Armada
First cartoon appearance: Past Part 1
"Are you looking at me Autobot?"

"Once a great Autobot, Wheeljack was betrayed by Hot Shot after an attack by the Decepticons, leaving him to burn in a fire. Bitter, confused, and driven by the image of Hot Shot leaving him behind, Wheeljack seeks revenge against his former Autobot brother. Nothing will come between exacting his revenge on Hot Shot."

Vehicle Mode: Wheeljack is one of the best, if not the best looking car mode of all of the Armada figures I have seen thusfar. He is a lot larger than most of the other Supercon figures in his category, but does not look bulky at all, but rather smooth and streamlined. Evidence of his former faction allegiance with the Autobots shows distinctly across his hood with a slashed Autobot symbol. If you attach Wind Sheer to his powerlink, his doors open, making him a flying vehicle, armed with two missile launchers.

Robot Mode: Armed with two deadly nightsticks, Wheeljack is one of the most ominous Armada figures yet. When transformed into his robot mode, Wheeljack is reminiscant of Sideswipe, having his hood as the chest, his front wheels as the shoulders, and his car tail folding out as his legs. He is not as posable as some of the other Armada figures, but his overall G1 style makes up for it. Wheeljack is a little top heavy, but on the backside of his legs, he has yellow support fins that flip out to help balance him, keeping him from toppling over. Overall sculpting of Wheeljack is very "robotic" G1 looking. His color scheme is dark grey, with yellow and white trim. The only unfortunate thing about Wheeljack is that he only has 3 minicon connections, one is on his back, and two are on his legs, but the possitive thing about this is that he has one of the coolest minicons yet, Wind Sheer.

Wind Sheer:

Windsheer is a miniature stealth bomber. Power, stealth and speed are the qualities that Windsheer enhances when he combines with Wheeljack, enabling him to fly unnoticed to reach a mission objective. Wind Sheer also enables Wheeljack's missile launching system while in vehicle mode. Tight transformation, and good stability in either mode, Windsheer is definitely my favorite Minicon yet.

Transformation: 4, not difficult at all
Durability:7, not too bad, but some joints seem like they would be easy to break after extended play.
Fun: 8, Very exciting G1 like toy!
Price:$8.76 USD, which is a great price for him.
Summary: Wheeljack is definitely one of the better Armada figures. If you are into the cars, Wheeljack definitely has a great mode. If you are into cool looking bots, Wheeljack has an even cooler mode. One of the features I like the most about him is the Autobot symboly being slashed revealing some robotic parts underneath, and leaving a curiosity as to how it came to be that a once great Autobot turned into a Decepticon. Definitely worthy for any collector. So, are you wondering where his Decepticon faction symbol is? It is on his right forearm upside down. Oh, and he has a very tiny one right below his slashed Autobot one. Makes you wonder...heheeh!
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