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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Savvy T's review of: Unicron

Generation: One
First cartoon appearance Transformers: The Movie
"That which does not become a part of me, shall become one with the great void."

"Created to serve Primacron eons before either the Autobots or Decepticons were formatted, Unicron rebelled against his master and set out on his own quest. His journey would take him to the far reaches of the universe, devouring planet after planet, being after being in order to fuel his hunger. The only thing that the powerful Unicron feared in the entire Universe was what Optimus Prime housed in his chest compartment: the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Unicron knew the Matrix was the only thing in the Universe that could destroy him, so he "recruited" and reformatted the battle damaged Megatron into the mighty Galvatron, and gave his minions powerful new forms, sending them out to take the Matrix from Ultra Magnus. Unicron's world came crashing around him when he failed to realize the tenacity of the Autobot spirit within the young cavalier Hot Rod. Hot Rod fought with Galvatron inside the mighty beast's belly, reclaiming the Autobot Matrix, then lighting their darkest hour by destroying the magnanimous Unicron with the power of the Matrix. Unicron's requiem dirge and comic profile are also both interesting reads."

Planet Mode: Unicron's alternate mode is very true to form. The front side of his planet mode is translucent blue reminiscent of his metallic silver/blue color portrayed in the movie. His pincers open and close bringing planets into his core thru his monstrous jaws. The picture of his planet mode on the box doesn't do any justice to him since it is shot from the top of the planet and portrayed as the front of the planet. I imagine they probably did that because there is no way to pose the planet mode from the front side unless you have a special holder, like the one that has made which I think is a great way to display Unicron. Since he was released with the Armada line, he is equipped with a Minicon named Dead End who forms his moon along with 27 attachments for other minicons.

Robot Mode: Unicron's robot mode is ominous and foreboding. Takara and Hasbro have really done a great job keeping Unicron looking like he should. When you transform him from planet mode into robot mode, he basically unfolds and his front planet shell and planet ring become his wings, while his pincers turn into shoulder spikes. The wings are attached to a peg which is supposed to stay upright when he is in bot mode, but it tends to lean back 45 so you have to either keep his wings back like behind him, or wave them out past his legs. Either way is cool. He is about a foot and half tall and weighs in close to 5 lbs or so and has tons of articulation points. His head, shoulders, torso, and legs can all be rotated giving him enormous amounts of posable positions. His hands rotate freely, and his fingers each have two pivot points allowing him to make any sort of hand gesture. As far as bells and whistles, Unicron has plenty. First, Unicron has eyes that light up red and so does his right hand. Second, Unicron has a huge missile launching system that fire when you attach the Star Saber sword to his back, and two sets of missile launchers on his calves when you attach a minicon to them. Unicron has several compartments to entrap little bots, and his shear size dwarfs all but a few other Transformers.

Transformation: 6: Unicron already comes in robot mode, which the majority of people display their Transformers in, but it would be difficult for a young child to transform him alone simply because of his size and weight.
Durability:8. He comes with a moderate amount of accessories, and the only thing I could potentially see as a problem is the wings and missiles either being broken or simply lost. I could also see the soft plastic they used on his shoulder and shoulder spikes easily breaking or being cut.
Fun: Unicron is definitely a big bad Transformer. This is not a bot that you are going to pick up and think "why did they do that to Unicron, he isn't supposed to do that." This is a bot that you are going to want to keep within your collection for a long time.
Price: $49.99 USD. The most expensive Armada toy, but Unicron is worth it.
Summary: As a kid, I loved Transformers: The Movie. Unicron was the ultimate bad guy and was insurmountable. This Armada toy is definitely a G1 Toy that they updated to keep interest with both the kids watching Armada and Transformers collectors around the globe. Unicron is impressive in both his planet mode, and also his robot mode. He comes with great articulation and tons of features. Unicron's resurrection was the best thing that could have happened for all of us.
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