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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Savanahtron's review of: Thundercracker

Generation: Armada
First cartoon appearance: N/a
"Taste the cruel bite of my ruthless weaponry"

Vehicle Mode: Thundercracker's alternate mode is a futuristic jet fighter. His color scheme rings true for his G1 counterpart, consisting of blue and red, but now they added some silver into it. The cockpit is an Armada orange, which comes at no suprise. When you press the cockpit, it makes a short laser burst sound. If you hold the button under the cockpit, and then press the cockpit, it makes a short launching sound, followed by the short laser burst. You can also pull the back minicon attachement for a "warping" type sound, which is cool too! Very sleek seeker mode.

Robot Mode: Thundercracker transforms into a giant robot which is very symetrical, with the exception that his left wing disattaches to become a sword. Transforming him from plane to robot mode is very simple. First, you have pull down the arms, flip out the fists. Then you pull the waist down and flip out the legs, and he has a support heel that flips out to help balance his weight, because he is top heavy. Then you flip the cock pit down, and his head pops up. The last thing to do is to flip the wings down, and you can either leave them both on, or take of his left wing to make the sword. Either way is very cool.

Minicon: Zapmaster is basically a Formula 1 racing car that transforms into an eraser headed robot. He has the same color grey and blue that Thundercracker has. Zapmaster attaches on both of Thundercracker's arms, and also at the tail end of the plane. When you attach him to the tail end, Zapmaster not only releases Thundercrackers missile launchers, but also activates a long burst of firing lasers. Nothing is complicted about transforming him, his racing fin pulls down to reveal his head, his arms and legs flip out, and there you have it. Robot mode is not very appealing as far as the minicons go, but his vehicle mode is sleek, and the wheels allow him to roll across the floor with ease.

Transformation: 6 Pretty easy, good transformation and cool sound effects.
Durability: 8 Seems they fixed the sword mold from my Starscream, so that it does not stretch his had when it he holds it.
Fun: 8 The second of the seekers to be reborn in Armada!
Price: $19.99 US Midrange, not too much considering the size.

Summary: Thundercracker is definitely a Transformer to pick up. This toy mold is definitely one of Armada's better ones, and I am glad to see that they are bringing back the original seekers. I especially like the smirk on his face, looks like he wants to really cause problems for the Autobots!
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