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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Wildfires review - Thrust

Generation: Armada
First cartoon appearance: Tactician
"I fight, I prevail, I conquer!"

Vehicle Mode: Thrust is jet of some sort, I’m not sure if he’s based off a real model or not but he appears to have VTOL capabilities. Thrust is primarily light gray with darker gray applied in a semi-worn, semi-camo pattern. His cockpit is metallic flake bluish-silver, the missile launchers on his sides are lime green and he has very pale green striping on his wings as well as some red and silver detailing. Thrust has two pressure missile launchers on his sides and a flat platform between his tail fins which Inferno attaches to. Thrust has three Powerlinx points in this mode, one on the rear platform and one under each wing. He can roll on the two wheels on his rear thrusters and landing gear under the cockpit.

Robot Mode: To transform him, first push down on the jet nosecone to free it, then rotate the green panel the cockpit is on around, then rotate the cockpit itself around. Pull out on the intakes the missile launchers are on out and rotate them down, flipping out the gray intake pieces out to form the robot legs. Pull the thrusters out to the sides, fold the gray platform between them back, then fold the thrusters down and forward to form the robot arms. Finally, push the green piece the cockpit is on up to shoulders and push the nosecone back to reveal Thrust’s face. Thrust is mainly gray, some light, some dark, and has some lime green on his hips, waist, and chest. He has darker green shoulders with purple Decepticon logos on them. His eyes are purple and he has some red detailing on his chest and orange hand/thruster thingies. His head interestingly enough mimics his cockpit, having the same bluish silver windows on it. Thrust has about twelve points of articulation and thanks to the odd “third leg” bit he can do some really cool crouching, karate style poses. Thrust only has one gimmicked Powerlinx here, and it’s not too impressive. Turn his head around backwards, turn his waist around, lift his arms up, lift up on his wing piece, attach a Minicon to his chest point and……his wings spin…. All that for nothing really.

Minicon: Thrust’s Minicon is Inferno, a small demolitions truck type vehicle. He is mainly dark green with silver windows, sides, and missile launcher, lime green missile and side panels. His Powerlinx connector is on his underside and pressing forward on it fires the missile, this works if you attach him to the platform on Thrust’s jet mode and push forward too. To transform Inferno, fold his sides down, fold the front of the truck cab down to form the legs, and reverse the missile launcher so it’s pointed up and the firing button is facing out. In robot mode, Inferno might be Crumplezone’s brother. He looks very similar, with his head sunken into his shoulders and a cannon on his back. His face is very parrot-like and has the only new color added on it, a light green, not quite as pale as Thrust’s wing detailing, but close. Inferno has seven points of articulation including his waist. He can hold the launcher on his back as bazooka if you raise one of his arms up over his head and attach the peg on the launcher into the hole in his hand.

Transformation: 7 – not bad.
Durability: 6 – Inferno tends to fall apart and shoot you in the eye a lot but Thrust is solid.
Fun: 6 – Cool looking, but kinda stiff and his gimmick sucks, still better than Sideswipe though…
Price: 8 – Cheap, $9.99.
Overall: 8 – A cool strategist for the Decepticon ranks, not bad as far as things go.
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