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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Additional Image:
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Dedicon's review of: Red Thrust

Ah, yes. Red Thrust. The so called Japanese exclusive that Hasbro claimed never made it to the Armada line and perhaps will show its face in Universe. Hasbro forgot to mention they were releasing the relic in Europe in quite large quantity. In Israel, you could find him at any corner at any toy store. The first time I saw it, I had to walk past it three times and check all five that were there to make sure I was not mistaken and it was red and not something else. And the only reason I got the thing was to sell it (since I have and hate the first Armada Thrust) but temptation defeated me and I opened one... and found out that with the right colors, this mould can be saved. Almost…

Vehicle mode:

As is not entirely unexpected, Thrust is still the same jet he was in the previous version of Armada. This time, however, he has no battle damage or anything of that sort. He is completely sleek and clean. And though I am a great fan of battle damage on my toys, this actually looks better with the maroon and black.

Thrust is painted in the original Thrust color scheme: Red is dominant, black is used for apps of the plane (a nice shape that still gives him some army look) and gold is used for the wings tips and for the cockpit.

There's also some off-white for the missiles, and it goes in good contrast with the dark colors Thrust has. The mould has not changed though: The Minicon peg still looks stupid if Inferno isn't there to fill it. And to be honest, Unlike the off-white missiles, Inferno is too white for this scheme.

Overall, this mode is an incredible improvement already. And, if you can find a decent Minicon to fill that space you got some mean plane there.

Robot mode:

Now, this is just amazing. When I first transformed him next to my First version my jaw dropped. This version is way cooler. White shoulders with Decepticon symbols on them, dark grey chest area and off white for the hips, along with some red from the plane leftovers. But the greatest new detail has to be the face. The first version had almost no paint on the face other than the eyes. This one has yellow eyes, off white face and some black detail to make it look like he is wearing some sort of masks. It's really hard to describe so you'll just have to look at the pictures.

With that said, this is, again, the same mould. The Powerlinks gimmick is still stupid, and any minicon you put there (especially Inferno, who is top heavy) looks out of place.

Overall, I love this robot mode. The colors really do matter.


Inferno is mostly white with off-white for fillings and some blue for detailing. And, he looks out of place. He doesn't fit with Thrust at all, and the only thing good about him is the black missile launcher that can be detached from him and be attached to Thrust.
Not much to say, really. Just another Minicon.

Transformation- 5: Nothing much. Pretty straight forward.
Durability- 9: Other than that stupid platform that gets detached to easily, he is fine.
Fun- 9: He has great colors and his articulation is not bad for an Armada figure.
Price- 3(10): In Israel, he was marked at deluxe price(18$ in Israel) which made him very affordable. But he isn't worth 30$ or more that crazy E-bayers or online retailers want for him…
Overall- 8: By far the best color scheme for this toy. But only if the price is right. He is, after all, still a deluxe.
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