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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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StoneCold Skywarp's review of: Armada Starscream

Generation: Armada
First cartoon appearance: First Contact
"My destiny is leadership!"

Vehicle Mode: Well folks, this is the closest we've seen to Gen One without it actually being a re-paint. Armada Starscream looks incredibly like his old namesake, almost right down to the paint job. Looking like "Genone" Starscream on steroids, Armada Screamer takes the guise of a 'futuristic' jet. Almost none of his robot features are well hidden, apart from his head, which is noticeable from above, if only they'd put a slideable piece of plastic on there. Swindle if a standard, red, F1 Car, almost reminisent of Dragstrip, not a great deal to say here, he is a mini-con after all.
Starscream's packaged very well, a massive bubble shows off the toy nicely, and the same artwork adorns each side of the box. Also included is a small catalogue featuring all the other toys from the initial release, and also a mini comic to read through.
Starscream utilises his mini-con quite well in this mode. Swindle attached on the rear tail of Starscream, a click and sound effect later, then two missile launchers pop forwards, giving Starscream a badass look, ready to take on any autobot!

Robot Mode: Starscream, again, looks much like his Gen One counterpart whilst in his robot mode. Predominately grey, with the usual flashes of red on his body, Starscream reminds of days gone by.Starscream sports a cocky little smirk on his face, he stands about 8" high and is an imposing figure amongst any Decepticon ranks.
The transformation from jet to robot is fairly straightforward. Firstly take the rear thrusters and pull them down to a 90 angle, from there, pull each leg down from the knee, left and right 90. Now swivel both legs so the fins are pointing towards the front of the jet mode, pulling the feet down another 90, on the underside of Starscream's feet there are two stabalisers, pull each out so Starscream can stand up properly. Now, push the legs back 90 and manouvere the waist forwards, you'll hear a click and Screamer's head will pop-up. Now, take the jet wings nearest to Starscream's body, rotate them 90 forwards so the tops of the wings face front. Pull the grey part of the arms downwards exposing the red area, then on the inside end, look for the black tab, and pull out each of his fists. Now all that's left is to pull down the nose of the jet to sit as his chest and check out that smarmy grin! You can re-attach Swindle to the same peg as in the jet mode, and the launchers sit on Starscream's shoulders. The right wing can be detatched and un-folded to create a sword for Starscream, however I feel this makes him too lop-sided. Swindle can also attach to Starscream's arm, although this doesn't unlock any features.

Transformation:7 - Incredibly simple, straight forward, some of the loud clicking can be off-putting though.
Durability: 7 - I'm not about to drop mine, but it looks like it could break easily. There are no ball joints to be found on him, so anything that breaks is broken
Fun:9 - It's as close as you can get to the original Starscream without forking out for him. It's a jet which are always fun. Mini-con attachment is nice, though a little pointless.
Price: 8 - not sure how much this one is in the states, I picked mine up for 35
Overall: 7.75 - Armada Starscream is a great toy, looks nice in both modes, but isn't greatly poseable. The mini-con doesn't add that much to it either. However, it's a great addition to the Armada line, definitely pick one up!
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