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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

Wildfires review- Sea Team (Oceanglide Stormcloud and Waterlog)

Generation: Armada
First cartoon appearance: N/a

Vehicle Mode:
Oceanglide: Oceanglide is a solar powered boat of some sort. Like the rest of the team, he is primarily a rusty red and purple with some silver on his solar panels and engines and black windows, his Minicon symbol is on the rear of the boat. His missile launcher is mounted below the solar panels and the whole platform can turn 360 degrees and aim up and down to a degree. Oceanglide’s missile is pressure activated and flies pretty far.

Stormcloud: Stormcloud in my opinion has the coolest vehicle mode, a speedboat with a big gun mounted on the top! He is mainly rust red with a purple launcher that can move forward and aim up and down. There are some gray, white and yellow details on the back of the boat and black windows. His missile too is pressure activated and his Minicon symbol is on the left side of the boat’s front.

Waterlog: Waterlog is one of the few hovercraft Transformers and does remind one of G1 Seaspray a bit. Like the others, Waterlog is rust red with a purple pressure missile launcher, his launcher has a radar dish on it and can be rotated around a bit. He has silver hatches on his sides, black windows, and some gray on the back half of the ship.

Robot Mode:
Oceanglide: Push down on the halves of the solar panel to form the arms, flip the front of the boat up and over to form the legs, flip the boat over. Oceanglide has my least favorite vehicle mode, but my favorite robot mode. He looks very alien with a large, oddly shaped head and panels on his arms. He has a white chest with yellow details, a silver face with yellow eyes and more purple revealed in his legs. Oceanglide has six points of articulation including ball jointed shoulders (as a note, his legs can move independently of each other, you just need to pull them apart a bit.) Oceanglide’s missile launched is now mounted under his right arm and his Powerlinx port is on his stomach.

Stormcloud: Pull the front halves of the boat apart and to the sides, flip the rear half over to form the robot legs, flip the boat over. Stormcloud is really cool in robot mode too. He has more gray on him now on his chest, arms and legs, some white details on his chest, and a yellow visor eye. He has eight points of articulation now including ball jointed shoulders. Like Oceanglide, his Powerlinx port is on his stomach.

Waterlog: Pull the halves of the boat cabin out to the sides, flip the rear half of the boat around to form the legs, rotate the engines down to form the feet, and fold the front of the boat up to form the chest. Waterlog shows a lot more white in robot mode, having some on his shoulders, chest and legs. His launcher is on his right arm and is connected by it’s own ball joint. Waterlog has nine points of articulation in this mode, having only moving head of the team.

Transformation: 3 - Pretty much the same transformation for each one and it isn’t hard.
Durability: 9 - Very stable bunch these.
Fun: 10 - I love these guys, they can get good poses, add naval power, and increase larger figures firepower.
Price: 2 - $6.84 here in America, overseas you’ll pay more but what can ya do.
Overall: 9 - Great, just great. Fun little robots that add a lot to adventures, the only reason they don’t get a 10 is because the paint job could be more exciting.
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