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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Savannahtron's review of: Scavenger

Generation: Armada
First cartoon appearance: ???
"Always rise to the command of duty"

"Some of you might think you know me. Others of you may have never heard of me before. None of that matters now. I have been summoned to Earth by the Autobot Leader Optimus Prime in order to quelsh Megatron and the Decepticons with their plans of universal domination. While it is true I was once the Decepticon leader of the Constructicons, I have been reformatted, and my spark has been set free of Megatron's tyranny, and I intend to have my revenge on him. I will never rest until Megatron has been taken offline. My minicon partner Rollbar has enabled me to use a newly fitted missile launching system, and when he and I combine, my strength grows 100 fold."

Vehicle Mode: Scavenger's vehicle mode is very impressive. Large, true to form, his construction mode has a classic Devastator green and purple theme, with maroon black and silver being used for connectors and other parts. He has rubber tracks that roll as you move him, and when you roll him, his motor sound rumbles. Rollbar transforms, and sits in Scavenger's canopy that opens up just for him, and also makes an ignition starting sound when he sits down. The shovel of the terrain loader actually works by lifting up and down giving Scavenger a dimension of a somewhat futuristic looking constrution vehicle.

Robot Mode: While it was easy to transform Scavenger into robot mode, it took me a second to figure out that you have to actually leave one leg hiked up a bit in order for him to stand. He has a connector on the side of his leg that you can click in to make both the right and left leg become the supporting leg, while the other is hiked up a bit. Scavenger does have a rolling leg up and down motion when you leave the peg unclicked and it looks almost like he is running. When you make him run, it makes a "stomping sound" according to Hasbro, but it is the same sound of the motor running in vehicle mode. If you try to leave him in running mode, he slouches, and does not look all that great. His lower half of the body only has those 2 options, either standing on one foot, or running. His upper half is very posable though, the head pivots around, he has one antenna that rotates back and forth. His arms will bend, and the shoulders rotate. His waist is turnable, so it is very easy to give him and action pose, maybe like he is about ready to charge and knock down Starscream with a tackle or something. You are supposed to attach Rollbar to Scavenger's hip to fire off the missile, and it works, but because of the running piston connector (think of a train and the way the wheels rotated in the old days), it makes it very difficult to do both. Even though that was a little lame, however, it does make a cool missile launching sound when you can fire it off. Maybe one of the smaller minicons will work out better. Another sound that he makes, that I figured out so far is that when you rotate his right arm up or down, it makes a mechanical transformation like noise.

Rollbar: White and silver/grey dune buggy. No identifiable G1 like character in robot mode, but reminiscant of Beachcomber in vehicle mode.

This minicon is cool because in robot mode he is Scavenger's vehicle mode driver, and in vehicle mode, he enables Scavenger to use his missile launching sytem. His arms pull down, and the hands rotate up. His legs rotate seperately from each other, giving him a little more posabilty than some of the other minicons. So far he is one of the better made minicons, but one of the least colorful.

Transformation: 4, not difficult at all, cool sounds and gimmicks though!
Durability: Solid 8, this guy has good connector joints, although I could see his rubber tracks being a replacable in 20 years.
Fun: 8, the only reason why it is not higher is because of the one leg up at all times thing. Other than that, he is very cool.
Price: $24.99 USD, which is part of Hasbro's newly created price line.
Summary: I rate this guy an 8 overall because he has an awesome vehicle mode, a cool little minicon, and in robot mode he has a couple of gimmicks and cool sounds. For nostalgia, the definitely got an A+ in my book for bringing back Scavenger in classic Devastator colors, although I wish it would have been as a Decepticon (but look at Laserbeak for Matrix' sake!). If you are into the Armada series, this is a definite must have!
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