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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Scout's review of: Red Alert

Generation: Armada
First cartoon appearance: First Contact
"All life is precious"

Red Alert is a valued doctor and science officer who has saved the lives of many Autobots. His quest to save lives has led him to find new ways to repair damaged circuitry. He has risked his life many times to retrieve wounded comrades during battles. An old friend of Optimus Prime, Red Alert was once a fierce and heroic fighter, until he was seriously wounded in battle and saw the preciousness of all life. But will this new battle reawaken his warrior's heart?

Vehicle Mode: Red Alert's alternate form is a four wheel drive rescue vehicle that has a base coat of white paint. The windows are painted in true red, and the side panels and fenders are contrasted in a dark gray. Also featured where the rear side windows would be, are two red cross symbols inside circles, giving him the appearance of an ambulance. His tires are dark black with gold hubcaps, while his undercarriage is blue. His hood (bonnet) sports the solid red Autobot symbol, as well as a minicon mount (in tan), and a raised engine block painted in blue and dark gray. Placing a minicon on the hood mount and applying gentle pressure will cause the front grill to open and reveal a weapons area with a firing disk. Each front door has a minicon mount and there is room for a fourth on the translucent red weapon mount on his canopy. Placing a minicon there and applying gentle pressure backwards will cause Red Alert to make a firing sound. Pushing the Minicon forward will cause him to say "Red Alert"... and follow with a siren sound and flashing lights.

Robot Mode: If there is a transformer Robocop, Red Alert sure looks like would be in his family! With his grim face and dark optics, it's easy to see this Autobot has a somber and serious nature. He's been a loyal and trusted companion for Optimus in the cartoon series. Red's dedication to duty confounds Hot Shot, but also is a point of admiration for the younger warrior at times as well. Red Alert will often be seen in the cartoon repairing or preparing the Autobot command center from or for battle. He's methodical and forward thinking- serving also in a security aspect many times. He's a patient, and peaceful figure, with enough firepower to do his speaking for him when necessary. Because of his calm and quiet nature, he strikes a nice balance to Hot Shot's brash and loud character for the series.
To change from vehicle to robot, first pull open the front doors on both sides (easy to do if you grab the mirrors). Next, Swing the legs down from underneath the undercarriage. Push the red translucent plastic on his back down carefully to reveal Red Alert's head (located underneath the windshield). Rotate the head and pull up into position. Next, push the feet into the down position, Now rotate each front door 90' and look on the interior side of the door to find the hidden hands and arms. Open them into position. He comes with a gun that fires a pronged hook, as well as two transluscent red pieces that can attach to his left arm.

Transformation: 4 - Aside from the arm rotation and movement, this is a very simple character to transform. This is a nice feature to have on the occasional larger pieces, and it works with his design well.
Durability: 6
Fun: 6 - With a bit more articulation, he would make for an excellent figure. The large electronic device on his back makes him a bit bulky, but still a great figure!
Price: Approx $20.00
Overall: 6 - Red Alert is a very striking figure and durable on many counts with the exception of the front windshield, which has a tendency to snap off after many uses.
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