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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

Wildfires review - Night Attack team (Scattor, Broadside, Fetch)

Generation: Armada
First cartoon appearance: N/a

Vehicle Mode:
Scattor: Scattor is a missile truck, somewhat reminiscent of a mobile ICBM launcher. He’s mainly black with silver on a grate area near the rear of the vehicle, on the somewhat exposed robot face, and on the windows of his driver’s cabin. His Minicon symbol is molded on his launcher arm. He has a gray launcher arm, a white missile and some white bits in the middle of the truck. Scattor has eight wheels but only six of them really roll, the other two are molded on. His launcher can raise up and rotate somewhat, to fire the missile, press on the end of it. His Powerlinx port is on the underside of the vehicle cabin.

Broadside: Broadside appears to be an armored personnel carrier with a big honkin’ missile launcher on top. He’s mainly dark blue with some white on his midsection, silver windows and black detailing on his cannon. His Minicon symbol is on one of the hatches on the rear of the vehicle. Pressing the gray button on his cannon launches his white missile quite some distance. I’m not sure, but I think the spring launch system is stronger than Knockout’s was. His Powerlinx port is on the underside of the vehicle’s front on the left side.

Fetch: Despite having a really stupid name, Fetch is pretty cool. He is an MRLS vehicle and like Broadside, is mainly dark blue. He has white stripes along his sides above his treads while the treads themselves are black and his cockpit windows are silver. His launchers are light gray and his pressure missiles are white. His Minicon symbol is molded in the middle of his vehicle roof between the missile launchers. His Powerlinx port is towards the middle on the vehicle’s underside.

Robot Mode:
Scattor: Push the black section at the rear of the vehicle to the side, separate the two front halves and the two back halves, rotate the front right half in and the rear left half in, flip the two pieces past each other and hook the two rotated sections together, rotating the black piece with robot head back where it started. Bonus points if you understood those instructions. Scattor is still mainly black but has some dark blue on his chest, white thighs, and a gray right arm and crotch. His face is silver with a single touch of red on the optic in the center of his visor. His missile launcher is now his right arm and looks like he can inflict some serious damage with it. Scattor has about nine points of articulation if you count his head as one. Bonecrusher was my favorite mold of the Land Military team and Scattor is my favorite of this team.

Broadside: Flip up the sides of the vehicle and rotate them down to form the arms. Now push the rear of the vehicle down and fold the back sections down and out to form the legs. Flip the missile launcher to the left (assuming you have him facing you) to reveal his head. Still mainly dark blue, Broadside reveals some white in his waist, legs, and shoulders. He has black knee pads and a black face, but a lime green visor on his face. Broadside has about six points of articulation in robot mode and can do some pretty cool poses. I think this color scheme is better than his counter part Knockout’s was mainly because it uses more than two colors and the colors don’t clash as much.

Fetch: Fold the missile launchers down to the sides and flip the front of the vehicle over, turn over. Wreckage was a really cool mold and Fetch is as well, stupid name though. Mostly dark blue yes, white face, white crotch, white missiles, light gray arms and thighs, lime green visor. Fetch has four points of articulation including ball-jointed shoulders. His head is sunken into his shoulders and looks rather piggish in my opinion. His arms sport huge missiles (and have little fists molded on the insides of them) and has some serious detail including what looks like little missiles launchers on either side of his head. In case you haven’t guessed, I’m not fond of Fetch’s name, there must be a thousand names Hasbro owns that would be better than this, what about oh say Rumble? Ground Pounder? Quake? Come on guys!

Transformation: 4 – Easy except for Scattor.
Durability: 7 – Scattor’s arm has a habit of popping off and Broadside’s legs sometimes pop off.
Fun: 10 – More firepower! More! Destroy! Sorry, I just like missiles.
Price: 2 - $6.84 at their cheapest.
Overall: 9 – My only complaint is Fetch’s name.
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