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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Scout's review of: HotShot

Generation: Armada
First cartoon appearance: First Contact
"Well, let's go!"

Hot Shot is the Hot Rod of Armada. Impatient and full of energy, he seems to feel indestructible and often puts himself out on a limb. He is learning to be a team player, but has trouble understanding the role of his colleague Red Alert in particular. He associates well with the human children that are in the cartoon series. Luckily for him, he also has a minicon named Jolt, that helps Hot Shot when he runs into trouble or bites off more than he can chew. This little helicopter can give him some remarkable abilities (as noted in the change section).

Vehicle Mode: I must say I was impressed by the fine look of the Armada packaging. It's sharp and colorful, yet the one flaw to my mind is that the packages have rounded/ arced bubbles. This makes them very hard for stacking. Hot Shot comes on a long, rectangular card to the right, and centered with his Minicon, Jolt, above him... his missile to the right and his sticker and story to the left. With a bright yellow base, Hot Shot will be a hard figure not to notice in a collection. He has metallic-blue windows, midnight blue trim and a silver engine plate on his hood (bonnet). Small red highlights also make a stunning contrast on his hubcaps and side tail fin connectors where Jolt attaches.

Robot Mode: For what RiD had in flexibility and poseability, Hot Shot lacks. He’s the return of the G1 model brick- but effectively becoming something resembling a linebacker on an American football team.

To change him from car to robot, begin by opening his doors. This may take some gentle wiggling. Fold them down to the sides of the wheels entirely. Then grasp the hood and pull downwards. Separate the hood area into two halves. Rotate the halves so that the two dark blue “O” sides face the ground. Fold the feet down. Now look to the tail fin section. Find the yellow connector area in the middle of the tail, and the ridge just behind it. Pull up gently and swing the two halves of the canopy down and to the sides. These become Hot Shot’s arms.Finish by re-pivoting the legs so that the blue "O"; areas face the front. Hot Shot’s head visor may be displayed up or down.

Minicon: Jolt (or another minicon) may be placed on the connector in Hot Shot's back. Slide the minicon up to reveal Hot-Shot's missile launcher. The missile is hidden as part of the front axle. Jolt can also place an extra engine block mount on top of Hot Shot's bonnet to cause two loading wedges to pop out from underneath his front bumper. These are able to carry some objects in the cartoon and comic.

Transformation: 3 - Hot Shot is a wonderfully simple figure for a first transformer. The most difficult part of his transformation is rotating his legs to the right side.
Durability: 9 - A stocky build and thick plastic will make him a long-lasting figure. Additionally, the one point of potential breaking would be at the door hinges.
Fun: 5 - So subjective for this category on this character. I give him a 5 only because of his minicon. The minicon features I find are a novel idea and I like the gimmick. Otherwise, I’d say he’s a 3 by himself because of the lack of poseability and style of weapon.
Price: Approx. $10.00
Overall: 5 - He's a solid figure with a fun character personality. He makes a wonderful toy for starting a collection and he has a spiffy paint job that's very eye-catching. However, I don't see him as being a favorite character toy that will be picked up often or retain a great deal of interest for advanced collectors.

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