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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Wildfires review- Demolition Team (Dualor, Buzzsaw, Drillbit)

Generation: Armada
First cartoon appearance: N/a

Vehicle Mode:
: Despite his name, Buzzsaw looks more like a gigantic tilling or digging machine to me. He does have a large saw-like wheel on the front of his form but it appears to have shovels in place of blades. He gets around on large treads (which have no actual wheels so he doesn’t really roll.) The rear section of the vehicle seems to be where the drive system for the front blade is contained, or perhaps it’s a conveyor belt that spits out the earth Buzzsaw churns up. Buzzsaw is mainly yellow with gray treads and some green detailing. His Minicon symbol is on the top of the gray piece his blade is attached to. Rolling Buzzsaw along makes his blade spin.

Drillbit: Drillbit is as his name would suggest a large drilling machine. He has a cockpit at the front with blue windows and a piece that looks like a warning siren on the top. He has exhaust pipes behind the cabin and a large engine like piece that the drill is attached to (his Minicon symbol is on this piece.). He has tank like treads followed by wheels to get around on. Drillbit is mainly neon orange with neon yellow, gray and some blue thrown in and silver spray-op on his drill. Rolling Drillbit along will make his drill spin, but strangely enough, the cockpit is the front of the vehicle so rolling forward means he driving away from whatever he’s trying to drill

Dualor: Ok, gotta try to think of something nice to say...uuhhhmmm.....I think Dualor was a good idea, but was not executed well. He is some sort of treaded; tank-like military vehicle with cannons mounted on the sides of his turret. He is primarily Dark gray with neon yellow on his guns and treads and dark blue on his treads and turret. He does have a lot of nice detailing on him including multiple hatches and nice tread detail. His Minicon symbol is on the front of his turret. Even as a vehicle however he is incredibly blocky looking. Rolling Dualor along will make his guns go back and forth.

Robot Mode:
Buzzsaw: Holding the vehicle with the blade facing away from you, pull the gray section with the blade on it to the right and the yellow section to the left, fold them down. Fold the yellow panel between the rear treads up over the exposed gear to form the robot chest. Pull down on the gray treads at the front of the vehicle and fold them down until they point down towards you, then turn the yellow bits around to you to form the robot feet. Fold the two halves of the blade mechanism to the sides of the vehicle so they are flat, pull the gray piece with the blade down to form the left arm, for the right arm, rotate the smaller yellow piece that the conveyor section is attached to up until it snaps into place at the shoulder. Turn the head around and Buzzsaw is in Robot mode. Buzzsaw is my favorite of this team; he looks the foreman of some construction job. Both his arms are burly and look like can pack a punch and the blade on his left arm is an added danger. His head looks like he’s wearing a hard-hat complete with a little light on the front. Buzzsaw has six points of articulation in this mode including waist and head joints.

Drillbit: Holding Drillbit with his cockpit facing you, pull down on his treads to form his legs then folds the gray pieces at the ends down to form his feet. Now, pull his drill out to the left and swing the yellow panel over until it snaps into place on his side and rotate the drill down to form his right arm. Pull the other yellow panel out to the right and push it to the side of the cockpit to form his left arm, finally, turn the warning siren on top of his cockpit around to reveal his face. My second favorite member of this team, Drillbit looks tough. With a giant drill for one arm and something that looks like a machine gun on the other, he looks like he’d be a threat to anything that would challenge him. Drillbit has seven points of articulation if you count his feet, which is pretty good.

Dualor: Ok, here we go.... Turn Dualor’s turret all the way around to start with. Pull down on the front half of his treads to extend his legs, flip the yellow pieces at the ends of his legs around to form his feet, lift the rear sections of his treads up to form his arms, flip his head around. This guy is blocky, too blocky. He’s back heavy so he has to lean forward to stand. His gears are exposed very plainly on his chest and he has a Powerlinx point in a very suggestive place. Dualor needs work, I like his cannon gimmick and his vehicle mode isn’t too bad, but his robot mode is ugly, ugly, ugly. He has five points of articulation, but posing him will result in him falling over.

Transformation: 3 - Pretty simple, no problems here.
Durability: 10 - Solid, I don’t foresee anything popping off.
Fun: 8 - This group loses points for Dualor, otherwise they’re great fun.
Price: 2 - Bought them for $6.84, can’t get much cheaper.
Overall: 8 - Not bad, not bad at all. The fact that these guys have a stand-alone gimmick as well as being able to work with Cyclonus gives them an edge, if only they had spent more time on Dualor.....
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