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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Savannahtron's review of: Blurr

Generation: Armada
First cartoon appearance: ****
"Stand up, keep fighting"

Vehicle Mode: I have to say that Blurr is one of the most exciting figures in the Armada line yet. This toy is right where G1 should have gone after the 1986 futuristic vehicles. Blurr's vehicle mode is built for speed, with a sleek silver and blue trim, and an orange poly windshield. When Incinirator fuses with Blurr from the exhaust area, Blurr's attack wings flip out, and his missiles become visible. Attach Incinirator to the missile pod as the firing mechanism to launch his missiles!

Robot Mode: Blurr is definitely reminiscant of the G1 line. When you transform him, he is not one of the bigger Autobots, but definitely one of the best made Armada figures right up there with Starscream, and Megatron. Because his top and rear wheels are on his back, you think that he is going to be heavy and flop over, but nooooo, his legs are extremely sturdy, and he stands on his own without any problems. He has a sleek robot head, with a classic G1 style eyes and face mask, highlighted by silver pipes on both sides, that look like exhaust pipes to some extent. His color scheme is this: silver and blue trim, blue chest, shoulder and legs, with orange connectors, which the entire thing just fits. It is just right, I tell ya! The only drawback I would say to Blurr is that his missiles won't launch unless you use a minicon, making it kind of odd in robot mode.

Minicon: Incinirator is definitely one of the better minicons yet. He had multiple functions with Blurr, he enables all of Blurr's secret attack powers. Solid and sturdy, not a flimsy minicon at all. Solid "Mirage" like race car, with a twist in robot form, his hood becomes his right arm sort of like BW Megs.

Transformation: 4, Very easy, almost too easy.
Durability: 10 Very Solid toy!
Fun: 10 Awesome, competes with some of my G1 stuff now!
Price: $9.99 USD very affordable.
Summary: I rate Blurr as one of the best Armada toys yet. He has a great vehicle mode, and a super cool G1 like robot mode, that even the doubters would believe. A must have for anyone who is/or is not collecting Armada!

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