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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Bombshell's review of: Air Military Team. (Gunbarrel, Terradive, Thunderwing)

Generation: Armada
First Cartoon Appearance: "Tactician "
Motto: "Death From Above."
Air superiority is the key in any military victory. Whether it is taking out targets on the ground, air, or sea the AIR MILITARY MINI-CON TEAM are the boys for the job. Their quick response time and ability to move troops and munitions to an intended destination make them a vital link in the chain of any military operation. They are known for the lightning speed of their assaults, injecting fear into the hearts of their enemies and leaving the battlefield strewn with glowing metal wreckage.

Alternate Mode: Cargo Plane
The general color present here is dark grey, although light grey (on the lower frame) and red (on the wings, engines and striped on each side the cockpit) are also present. There are some nice details etched onto the body, although the grey is so dark that you will have a hard time seeing them. The Mini-Con symbol is etched on the middle section of the frame. His Powerlinx point is on the opposite side.
Robot Mode: Lift the cockpit up, and then bend the wings back enough to twist the robot chest to the right 180 degrees. Brings the wings back down, and then brings the robot legs down. In this mode, a few more colors show up on his robot chest, mouth, (silver) arms (black) and eyes (orange). In robot mode, he has six points or articulation: Four on the legs (the knees, which bend backward instead of forward, and the hip) and two in the arms (side to side, though.)
Weapon Mode:
Do the same transformation to turn him to robot mode, but brings the wings all of the way back till you hear a click. You have just turned Gunbarrel into a rocket launcher. The only new color to emerge here is silver on the top most launcher.

Alternate Mode:SR-71 Blackbird jet.
Terradive is a SR-71 Blackbird jet in vehicle form. The cockpit center is silver, while the protrusions around it are purple. The rear of this form is mostly black, with purple stripes on the tail fins and two orange stripes on each engine. The details on this form are most easily seen on the cockpit, which looks similar to that of Armada Starscream/Thundercracker/Skywarp. He has two Powerlinx points on the underside of his jet form on what forms his feet in robot mode.
Robot Mode: Separate the sides of the cockpit (being very careful as you do so), and bend them back. Bring the robot legs down, bending the robot mode ankles back as you do. Bring the cockpit up to the back, and connect it again to the cockpit sides. Complete the transformation by moving the robot arms out enough to make them moveable. In robot mode, several new colors emerge. There are two silver squares on his shoulders, and his head is also silver. His eyes are orange, as is the square under the Mini-Con symbol on his chest. Like Gunbarrel, Terradive also has six points of articulation: Four on the legs, which bend both at the knee and hip, and the arms, which can rotate 360 degrees.
Weapon Mode: Spin the engines backward, and then raise the legs to help you bring both sides of the jet form up to complete the weapons mode. His weapons form is very interesting, as it is reminiscent of a claw like device, similar to the ones used by X-Men character Wolverine.

Alternate Mode: Stealth Bomber.
Thunderwing has a stealth bomber jet alternate form His body is mostly grey, with gold striping on his thrusters, tail fins and wings. His nosecone is also gold, and his cockpit windows are black. A massive amount of detailing is present in his alternate form, among which is his Mini-Con symbol on the left wing. His Powerlinx point is on the underside.
Robot Mode: Lower the robot mode legs and raise the robot arms. Bring down the rear of the jet to form the robot chest, and then flip down the arms. In this mode, new colors show up. His forearms and legs are blue, his eyes, faceplate and shoulders are gold and his head is black. Of the three Air Military Mini-Cons, he is the most underwhelming. I can understand WHY he looks this way, but that doesn't mean that I have to LIKE it.
Weapons Mode: Bring the robot mode arms up, and fold the wings backward. Unfold the arms, and lay them down on top of the jet form. I really do not know what this weapon is supposed to be. I can imagine it being some sort of scythe weapon, but it takes a really imaginative mind to see it that way.

Transformation: 6. Although it is pretty easy to transform them, there are pieces that can be easily snapped off. Gunbarrel's legs and Terradive's cockpit sides being the prime example.
Durability: 7. Thunderwing and Gunbarrel are pretty steady. Terradive as well, but he is slightly more prone to falling apart during transformation.
Fun: 9. With these Mini-Cons working as both individual figures and weapons for the larger figures, there's a lot of playability here.
Price: 8. At $13 CAD, they appear to be on the same price range as all the other Mini-Cons I've gotten and seen on retail.
Overall: 10. If you see 'em, get 'em.
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