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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Sir Auros' review of: Wheeljack

Name: Wheeljack
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Mechanical Engineer
Sub-Group: NA

I loved the Grimlock mold and I'm glad to see it used again as well as improved upon as far as aesthetics go, but this figure clued me in on the problems others have complained about with the Grimlock mold. Mine was fine, but this Wheeljack has had the doors pop off during transformation as well as a few other things I'm not too pleased with. Overall it's a stellar figure, but I find myself having to comment on the lack of quality in its construction.

Vehicle Mode:
Wheeljack is the GT version of the 2005 Ford Mustang and looks mighty good in vehicle mode. It's a solid car that looks great and displays (or plays) well in vehicle mode. I do have a few problems with this mode though. First, the blue racing stripes have chipped a little on the roof of the car. This is kind of disappointing since I could get this figure with diecast parts from the Binaltech line if I wanted paint-chipping. The other issue I have is with the spoiler. It never fits flush with the other half so the end result is always a spoiler that's split in half. As far as the aesthetics of this mode, I really like the paintjob even if it isn't too similar to the G1 version of the figure. I'm not a fan of mixing green with white anyway. The headlights look odd with two of them being tinted or whatever they are to explain the black bits where they should be. Ultimately, I prefer Grimlock's vehicle mode to Wheeljack's, but it's still nicer than Smokescreen's.

Robot Mode:
I think this is where Wheeljack really outshines Grimlock, and it manages to do this with only two major changes. The first is the head. Both have excellent sculpts and are about equal in that respect, but Wheeljack's head is a lot tighter than Grimlock's, so the seam along the sides isn't as obvious. The second thing is the paintjob on the forearms. It seems like a little thing, but while Grimlock's are just solid gray, Wheeljack's have some blue that really makes them stand out. One other thing, so I guess this makes three improvements in this mode, is the energy sword. Wheeljack's sword has the color coming from the center of the blade instead of along the edges, which looks much better than Grimlock's subtle highlights. The robot mode is just as well-articulated and stable as Grimlock's and still has that annoying skirt in the back, but it's still one of the best of the Alternators.

Transformation: 10 - It takes me some time every time I transform the figure to remember how to get the arms back in vehicle mode.
Durability: 7 - Paint chipping, doors popping off, and one of the side mirrors got messed up on mine.
Fun: 10 - Cool car and an awesome robot mode.
Price: 10 - $20 is the sweet spot for Hasbro.
Summary: 9 - Really a great figure apart from some durability issues.

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