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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Ultimate Weapon's review of: Dead End

Name: Dead End
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Soldier
Sub-Group: NA

Alternators number 6 2003 Dodge Viper Competition Coupe is out at a store near you. This figure is a remold of the Lambor/Sideswipe Alternator released earlier in the line. This is this first Decepticon in the Alternator line. Though some confusion has arisen as to it's identity since the prototype first showed up in March 2004. The Sunstreaker head was a dead give away for another Autobot warrior. Apparently that is not far off the mark. This body was intended for Sunstreaker, but was in fact stolen from Simultech Industries, (a company mentioned in the cartoon, "Trans Europe Express"). Then Dr. Archeville and his men placed Dead End's personality into the body.

"Additionally, according to his character card, Dead End is the first evil Binaltech warrior and fearless in battle, yet he still has retained his pessimistic, downright fatalistic attitude towards life. In his new body, he is no longer able to merge with his fellow Stunticons to form Menasor, and since he has started to grow a liking to his new form, he now fears that one day, when he is reunited with the other Stunticons, he might have to revert back to his old body again." (

Vehicle Mode:
The limited production Dodge Viper Competition Coupe is a genuine racing vehicle only available to professional drivers with racing credentials. So do not expect to ride around in one of these cars unless your last name is Earnhart. The alternate mode just looks gorgeous. The black paint really highlights this mode well. The gray racing stripe further accentuates the good looks. The rear spoiler is typical of the racing genre. The rear license plate sports the Dead End name and the Decepticon logo in the middle. As with Lambor/Sideswipe the toy has front wheel drive. Under the hood is the engine, which turns into the weapon. The main difference between the two figures is the hood as opposed to the convertible of the Autobot counterpart. As well as a red tint on the windows, new hubcaps, and a remolded rear bumper. Dead end also has a hidden trunk feature, which can be access using a small screwdriver to release a small screw in the middle of the trunk.

Robot Mode:
Dead End is a really cool figure. I already like him better than my Binaltech Lambor. He has a lot of attitude for one figure. Dawned all in black, the figure's paint job is excellent, with red arms to match. A large Decepticon logo embellishes the front chest plate. Like Lambor/Sideswipe, Dead End has the same points of articulation as his predecessor. Though this figure does not feel as stiff as the Binaltech version. This allows for a better play value in mobility of movement. Knees, hips, legs, elbows, wrists, fingers, and head are all articulated. The head, which is a Sunstreaker mock up, is well detailed with a bronze face and red eyes.

Transformation: 3 - The figure is really too simple. It takes you less time than it did at the checkout stand when you made your purchase. Did you smile and say thank you to the clerk behind the counter? No? Shame on you!
Durability: 8 - This toy is tough. I know that I have not had any problems with my Alternators as far as paint chipping goes. I wish I could say the same thing about Binaltech.uble with Lambor chipping as much as Smokescreen did.
Fun: 7 - Dead just looks cool. He is clearly the most attractive Alternator on the block. He would kill the others in a beauty pageant. That being said he is as much fun as you want him to be. Which is a lot considering he is a bad guy.
Price: 9 - $19.79 at Wal-Mart. So if you do not have any DVD purchases to make buy this figure. Or buy both him and the DVDs. It really is a great deal for a figure that looks sharp.
Summary: 9 - Overall I think that Dead End is a strong contender to be the centerpiece figure of your Binalternator collection. I know that I have showed pictures of him to friends who do not collect Transformers. Oh I forgot to say they were blown away by the pics.

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