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TFArchive RPG Team

Like any human venture, the TFArchive RPG is only as strong as the people who run it. Quite a few staff members have come and gone, and each and every one of them has made a tremendous contribution to the game in their own way.

Current Staff

  • Warcry: overseer.
  • Aero Blade
  • Clogs
  • Heinrad
  • optimusskids
  • zigzagger

Past Staff

  • BlueSkids
  • Cryhavoc
  • Galvatron91
  • God Jinrai
  • Quick Switch
  • Reflector
  • Scout
  • Sixswitch
  • StoneCold Skywarp
  • verytired

Special Thanks

  • Denyer, who among many, many other things, set this Wiki up for us
  • Anyone who's been missed out on the previous lists


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