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RPG History

Old Continuity

The Generation 1 RPG is the oldest and most developed of the TFArchive RPG universes, and is the primary focus of the RPG wiki. The TFArchive G1 RPG is one of the largest and most highly regarded message board-based Transformer RPGs on the internet today.

Prologue (2007-2015)

After one final attempt at wresting Earth from the Autobots in 2011, Galvatron was buried in ice in the Arctic, and the remaining Decepticons fled to Charr. Battered, tired, and without leadership, they could do nothing but struggle to stay alive while the Autobots revelled in their golden age both on Earth and Cybertron.

In The Beginning (2015)

Gigatron, a Decepticon leader from a future in which his kind are all but extinct, time-jumped to the present to revive Galvatron and returned him to Charr for repairs. Galvatron used the Decepticon Matrix of Leadership to recreate the Decepticons' greatest warriors, and he and Gigatron plotted the Empire's return to glory.

While sending an infestation of Scraplets to Cybertron to keep the inhabitants busy, the Decepticons struck at Autobot City on Earth. The Autobots were taken off-guard and routed. With Optimus Prime away dealing with the Scraplets on Cybertron, the Decepticons managed to take Metroplex as their own and reprogram him into Metrotitan. The Autobots retreated, some to the remains of the Ark and the rest to Cybertron.

The Decepticons pressed their advantage, with Trypticon and the Constructicons laying seige to New York City and demanding the United Nations surrender to Decepticon hegemony. With their Autobot defenders in disarray, the human governments reluctantly agreed. The Decepticons would soon pursue their enemies to Cybertron, launching the second phase of the invasion. The war had begun again.

The Second Unicron War (2015-2016)

While the Transformers struggled over Cybertron, Jhiaxus went back in time to give the plans for controlling Unicron to the Liege Maximo. Being the creator of Gigatron, Jhiaxus had invited him to become his top general. On the pretense of accepting the offer, Gigatron tried to stop Jhiaxus' plan but failed; when they returned to the present, he could only warn the leaders of the impending catastrophe.

Unicron and Maximo's armada attacked almost without warning. Many lives were lost, but the Transformers managed narrowly to destroy their nemesis and scatter Maximo's survivors. Among those killed in the conflict was Galvatron. With his dying words, he passed the Decepticon Matrix to Gigatron. Optimus Prime and Gigatron struck a treaty to end hostilities and rebuild, much to the chagrin of many on both sides.

The Chaos Matrix Saga (2016-2017)

Unfortunately, the end of Unicron wasn't the end of the difficulties for the Transformers. The Autobots and the Decepticons (under their new leader Gigatron) were soon confronted by the threat of the Chaos Matrix. Recovered and wielded by the renegade Decepticon Thunderwing, this new Matrix was fuelled by the dark power of the recently-defeated Chaos Bringer. Thunderwing surrounded himself with a band of rogue Decepticons, then fractured the Autobot army by drawing Rodimus Convoy from a parallel universe and setting him up as the leader of a rival Autobot faction supposedly dedicated to peace.

The Autobot special operations group known as the Wreckers tried to put an end to Thunderwing's uprising and received a severe beating for their efforts. Several members were killed or brutally injured, including team leader Springer. A follow-up attack carried out by God Ginrai and newly-returned Galvatron succeeded in badly injuring the Pretender, but left the Godmaster dead.

On Earth, placed under total Decepticon control during the run-up to the Unicron War, a Decepticon unit lead by Hatemonger drove off an Autobot unit commanded by Fortress Maximus, enforcing Decepticon hegemony and further empowering the Decepticon-allied tyrant Abdul Fakkadi. Close by on the Saturnian moon Titan, Astrotrain arranges for a programme bent on harvesting the planet's Power Crystals.

Meanwhile, Decepticon manipulation led to a full-scale Autobot Civil War. Rival factions led by Optimus and Rodimus clashed across the face of Cybertron, leading up to a climactic clash before the walls of a rebuilt Metroplex. Prime's troops overwhelmed Convoy's peaceniks, forcing Thunderwing to bring his Decepticons into the battle on Rodimus' side. Optimus managed to bring down the Pretender, but doing so cost Springer's life.

The Chaos Matrix, now driven on solely by the evil of Unicron, is taken to the Temple of Primus by Optimus, Rodimus, Galvatron and the Autobot Alpha Convoy. To contain the evil Matrix and put an end to Unicron's evil, Rodimus and Alpha sacrifice their lives.

The Quintesson Invasion (2017)

Galvatron resumes active command of the Decepticons. However, his reunion with Gigatron is put on hold when the successor is kidnapped by a clone of Megatron, whom Gigatron had been driven to build while under the influence of the Chaos Matrix.

With the Transformers disorganized and battered following the Chaos Matrix debacle, a renegade Quintesson task force led by the recently-ousted Imperial Magistrate sets out from New Quintessa with Cybertron in its sights. With the mad scientist Primacron at their side, the Quintessons unleash armies of countless drones, Sharkticons, Allicons, Dark Guardians and other war machines on the Transformers. And they also unleash something far worse…a new strain of the Hate Plague, which only throws the planet's defenders farther into disarray. The Quintesson armada sweeps aside Cybertron's Autobot and Decepticon defenders, and the combined Transformer forces flee to Earth.

The Return to Earth (2017-2019)

The Transformers return to Earth. The Decepticons make planetfall in Carbombya, the desert kingdom of their long-time ally Abdul Fakkadi. With Carbombya's resources at their disposal, they prepare to move against the Autobots so that they can fully exploit the Earth's resources to make war on the Quintesson hordes. Galvatron pardons Thunderwing, then takes the Pretender and a newly-restored Starscream with him as he sets out to track down the rogue Megatron. Finding him, they set loose Gigatron, who beheads the false leader.

The Autobots, meanwhile, find a home in the Rocky Mountains at an old G.I. Joe base. However, their sanctuary is invaded, first by a Decepticon assassin who narrowly failed to kill Ultra Magnus, then by the entire Decepticon army. The battle between the Autobot and Decepticon troops results in a narrow Decepticon victory, but they are forced to withdraw when Fortress Maximus and Metroplex manage to best Scorponok and Trypticon.

As the factions begin to rebuild their forces, the Decepticons manage to capture the Autobot scout Hound on an espionage mission to Carbombya. They also foil an Autobot diplomacy mission to Earth's United Nations, capturing Smokescreen in the process. A reprogrammed Hound is sent back at the Autobots, who eventually recapture and repair him, while Smokescreen is eventually released by the Decepticons in a failed bid to lure more Autobots to their deaths.

In Carbombya, Decepticon communications officer Soundwave attempts to seize power by taking control of Metrotitan's main computers. Ratbat assists him and then betrays him to Gigatron at his first opportunity. They manage to foil the plot, albeit with significant damage to the Decepticon city. Ratbat parlays his assistance into a promotion as one of Gigatron's advisers, as the hexchanger once again takes control of the Decepticons. Galvatron, meanwhile, returns to Cybertron to wage a one-mech war on the Quintessons.

Under the command of Leozak, Trypticon and her crew carry out a hit-and-fade operation against the Quintessons in orbit of Cybertron. They infiltrate a probe onto the planet's surface, but are driven back after a great battle against a taskforce commanded by General Ghyrik and Black Battle Convoy.

Back on Earth, Gigatron continues to prosecute the war against the Autobots. He leads his forces on a bold strike against Autobase, destroying Metroplex after stealing several key components needed to repair Metrotitan. At the same time, Bludgeon leads the re-formed Mayhem Attack Squad against a revived Springer, his Wreckers, and the Neo unit headquartered at the Ark. Meanwhile, a sabotage team led by Red Alert that was sent to deny the Nemesis to the Decepticons is driven back by a Decepticon squad under the command of Starscream.

The Nebulan Campaign (2019)

Responding to a call from the Nebulan government about recently-unearthed Cybertronian ruins, a team of Autobots led by Dai Atlas arrives to inspect the dig site. They are pursued by a Decepticon warship commanded by Spinister, who arrives and begins waging a public-relations campaign against the Autobots and their allies in the Nebulan government. As the Autobots risk their lives inside an ancient temple, the Decepticons give money to a political party allied to them, assault a government building and kidnap Bluestreak.

Dai Atlas disappears mysteriously in the midst of the scenario, leaving Hot Rod in command. The young Autobot is put to the test quickly, when an ancient Transformer rises up from the ruins of the temple and assaults the Autobot team. Spinister's Decepticons are forced to join the battle, and the ancient Transformer is disabled by the Decepticons' warship. However, Bluestreak pirates that same vessel, turning it and the captive Transformer over to the Autobot cause. The Decepticons recover the old warship Tyrant, abandoned on the planet by Scourge in 2007, and both factions return to Earth much the worse for wear.

The Long Road Home (2019-2020)

As the factions fall back into war on Earth, those left behind on Cybertron fight merely for the right to survive. The Quintessons and their servants, including some treasonous Transformers, make war on the brave few unwilling to yield to their rule. After murdering Emirate Xaaron, they attempt to stamp out resistance entirely. However, the renegade Transformer Breaker, working with a cell of the Decepticon resistance, manages to murder the Imperial Magistrate and his entire royal court. General Ghyrik ruthlessly takes control of the Executioner caste, oppresses Deliberata and the other judges, and seizes power in a military coup.

On Earth, the victorious Decepticons make the Nemesis their new home. Metrotitan and Scorponok's city-mode body are sent to Antarctica for repairs and upgrades in anticipation of a return to Cybertron. Pressing their advantage, the Decepticons strike out at several human facilities, plundering them for the resources needed for a special project meant to give them the power needed to crush the Quintessons. While Scorponok converts the San Francisco military shipyards into a Decepticon drone-production facility, Hatemonger manages to pillage an American strategic petroleum reserve.

A Decepticon taskforce assaults the human military base known as Area 51 to recover vital experimental components the humans salvaged from the original Nemesis. They recover the equipment, needed for their secret project, and defeat the Autobot task force sent to stop them. At the same time, Gigatron leads a destructive assault on Japan that causes significant civilian casualties.

Their grand plan well underway, the Decepticons set out to right several past mistakes. The traitors Dirge, Blitzwing (who handed over a supply of energon to the Autobots) and Squeezeplay (who murdered Fuel Auditor Ratbat), now assisting the Autobots, need to be punished. At the same time, several important Decepticon POWs currently in Autobot hands need to be rescued. While the main Decepticon army carries out a hit-and-fade on Autobase, the Mayhem Attack Squad infiltrates Fortress Maximus, frees the prisoners and exacts revenge on Squeezeplay. At the same time, General Hatemonger fights and defeats Blitzwing before the Decepticons fall back.

As the Decepticons bask in their string on uninterrupted victories, Admiral Astrotrain leaves Earth for the asteroid belt to inspect the Decepticons' secret project: a new Warworld, powerful enough to destroy the Autobots and defeat the Quintesson fleet. Once complete, the Warworld is taken out of the asteroid belt and into Martian orbit. It destroys the Martian moon of Phobos in a test of its weaponry, an act that is witnessed by the crew of the newly-reactivated Autobot starship Steelhaven.

The Decepticons' feelings of invincibility are brought crashing down, however, when a tactical strike by the Wreckers, now led by Roadbuster, is carried out on the city of Metrotitan. Infiltrating the city, they kill the few officers aboard, and destroy the citycon in a blaze of glory. The loss of Metrotitan derails the Decepticons' master plan, forcing them to come to an accord with the Autobots. Optimus Prime and Gigatron agree to suspend hostilities until Cybertron is free and the Quintessons are vanquished.

The Battle for Cybertron (2021)

The Warworld arrives in orbit accompanied by the Steelhaven and the Tyrant, as well as Fortress Maximus, Trypticon, Scorponok and Metroplex. After destroying Unicron's head to announce their presence, the Transformers engage the Quintesson fleet in orbit. Assault task forces and several citybots descend to the planet's surface, heading to landing zones in half a dozen major cities. The Warworld, along with Fortress Maximus, the Steelhaven and the Tyrant, engage and defeat the Quintesson fleet, although the Maximus is destroyed in the battle and the other vessels are left with serious damage.

On the surface, the battle rages just as fiercely. An advance force made up of elite Autobots and Decepticons sneaks onto the planet, makes contact with local resistance forces, and heads underground to engage the Quintessons and a horde of techno-organic beasts at the Vector Sigma Chamber. In the battles of Kalis, the Sonic Canyons and Crystal City, brutal infantry battles lead to significant casualties. In Tarn, home city of the legendary Megatron, the Dark Guardian Combiner Elimination Squad and a Quintesson citycon are defeated by a force of Autobot and Decepticon gestalts, but not before Metroplex falls to the enemy. In the Decepticon capital of Polyhex, Scorponok's city-form is lost as he and Gigatron lead the team that returns the Decepticon flag to the battlements of Castle Darkmount. At Iacon, General Ghyrik's reign is ended by the murderous betrayal of his former partner Black Battle Convoy, and his army of Peacebringer war machines manages to nearly kill the combined Autobot-Decepticon task force before they are stopped by Overlord and Trypticon.

However, the victories at Iacon and Polyhex are overshadowed by a pair of untimely betrayals. To the amazement of absolutely no one, Thunderwing proves to be untrustworthy when he attacks, cripples and nearly kills Optimus Prime. His allies, meanwhile, seize command of the badly damaged Warworld, drive out Astrotrain's crew, and set a course for the Hub and their Generation 2 Decepticon masters. In the process, they blow Trypticon out of the sky.

Judge Deliberata, with no options left before him, uses the key that he had acquired to the Plasma Energy Chamber and unleashes its primal, eldritch energies on the world. The last-ditch Quintesson attempt to destroy the victorious Transformers is foiled by the combined efforts of Hot Rod, Grimlock, Wing Sabre, Nightbeat and Snapdragon, and the noble sacrifice of God Ginrai.

Recovery (2025)

Several years have passed since the reclamation of Cybertron, and the Autobots and Decepticons still maintain an uneasy peace. Although they occasionally blunder into skirmishes, the greatest threat to Cybertronian peace comes from outside forces. Criminal syndicates including the Space Mafia, Governor's Crewand Tzai Industries take advantage of the state of chaos that still exists outside the major city-states. Autobot and Decepticon attempts to deal with this threat are made much more difficult by the presence of a newly re-formed Cybertronian news media.

As the Transformers try to put their world back together, a small collection of die-hard Quintessons and their minions labour to tear it back down again. Launching terrorist attacks from their headquarters in the ruins of Crystal City, they murder soldier and civilian with equal fervour. Their highest-profile attack so far has been launched on the neutral city of Protihex, where former Autobots and Decepticons live together in relative peace.

Galvatron was never found after the Quintessons were driven out, and Gigatron continues to rule the Decepticons as his regent. However, there is little doubt that he considers himself the true leader and has no interest in finding his predecessor.

Optimus Prime is missing, kidnapped by a revived Megatron. In a devious plot to discredit Gigatron, he plans to frame the futuristic sixchanger for the abduction. At the same time, agents such as Ravage, Soundwave and Buzzsaw sow discontent among the Decepticon ranks.

Detente (Early 2026)

Taking advantage of the riots that had crippled the city, Megatron and his followers easily seize control over Darkmount and put Gigatron's followers to flight. The deposed leader, returning from a raid on a Cybertronian Empire outpost with the warship Fearless as booty, sets up shop in Polyhex's Military Annex, but quickly sees how dire the situation is and withdraws to Crystal City – now secured by a team of Loyalists – with his supporters.

Not content to sit idly by and relish his victory, Megatron departs for Kaon with a small force of loyal soldiers in tow, led by Hatemonger. Upon arrival, he rallies as much local support as he can, then overthrows the cabal of Gigatron-loyalists and local elites in charge of the city and seizes control of the ancient Decepticon fortress of Kolkular.

Optimus Prime, meanwhile, has been freed by a small team of Autobots who had been tipped off to his location by Megatron's supporters. Jubilant at their leader's return, the Autobots take no action to interfere in the Decepticons' civil war. Instead, they focus their attention on facing down the illegal factions operating inside their own territory – namely the Space Mafia and the Tzai.

In Protihex, the dreams of peace and unity have started to come unravelled, broken by the day-to-day grind of survival and politics. Violence and criminality are rife in the city, ever more so after the Space Mafia sets up shop in a gated community on the territory's outskirts. And although the old factions don't hold sway here, new ones are forming, new ideologies taking hold that are very similar to the old, supposely discarded ones. One by one, the city's leaders are being chipped away – first Perceptor, then Fortress Maximus, driving those who remain into greater and greater paranoia and suspicion.

Eventually, though, the tentative peace between Autobot and Decepticon was shattered when, without warning, Megatron's supporters launched an assault on the Sentinel Prime Detention Centre in Altihex. Spurred on by the escape of several Decepticon inmates at the high-security Autobot prison, Astrotrain planned and executed a full-scale offensive that led to the escape of hundreds of inmates and dozens of Decepticon soldiers who added to the already-vast force following Megatron.

Collapse (Mid-2026)

Although Megatron's forces have overthrown Kaon's nominally-independent government and taken it for their own, they find themselves facing massive resistance. Terrorist groups loyal to Gigatron rampage across the city and spies loyal to the Autobot Secret Intelligence Service work to undermine Megatron's weak hold on the population. Kolkular is destroyed in a terrorist attack carried out by the Off Road Patrol under orders from Smokescreen, killing hundreds of Decepticon soldiers and thousands of civilians. Megatron parlays this to his advantage, though – hearing of the attack ahead of time, he arranges for many of his rivals to be inside the fortress when it collapses. In the aftermath of the disaster, Megatron's scattered forces face challenges to their authority from two corners – the megalomaniac industrialist Stratus and the former Decepticon commander Corvus.

Even with Optimus Prime back, the Autobots find themselves without any centralized authority. The military, the Iacon Security Service and the Secret Intelligence Service all operate with virtually no communication between each other, and even less with the civilian central government. Prowl and Crosshairs manage to run the Space Mafia out of Iacon while the Wreckers, First Aid, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker lock horns with the Tzai. Banzaitron and most of his inner circle are captured, finally freeing Iacon's slums from the domination of criminal gangs. The Senate couldn't care less about any of these developments, though – as a corruption scandal brings down the ruling party, a pending election grabs the media focus.

After fortifying Crystal City, Gigatron's Decepticons begin to search for any allies or advantages they can find. One team heads to Protihex, forming an alliance with the Combaticons and working with the city's Autobots to try and drive out the Space Mafia while another begins construction on an orbital space station to defend against the Imperials. Meanwhile, Cyclonus leads a small group to Stanix, where they fight their way through a horde of mutants in search of Galvatron's corpse and the Decepticon Matrix he carried.

New Continuity

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