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It is an old truism that conflict breeds drama, and the Transformers universe is no exception to this. There are a wide variety of factions in the TFArchive RPG, each one pursuing their own agenda. These different agendas conflict with one another, oftentimes violently.

Faction Overview

The heroic Autobots, led by none other than the legendary Optimus Prime, have become the de facto government of a large percentage of Cybertron. Their forces are concentrated in Iacon, but even in supposedly neutral territories they are involved in post-war reconstruction and repopulation projects.

The Decepticons, on the other hand, are living in a burning house. Their faction is divided between the followers of Megatron and Gigatron, two charismatic leaders with vastly different visions for the future of the Decepticon Empire.

One of Gigatron's primary preoccupations is the Cybertronian Empire, followers of the Liege Maximo who are bent on conquering worlds and cyberforming them into recreations of Cybertron, the world they abandoned millenia ago. Based out of the Hub, they are a distant but ever-present threat to the Transformers on Cybertron.

A much more immediate problem is that of organized crime, embodied by the Space Mafia. Led by the former Decepticon soldier Black Shadow, they have taken root all across Cybertron since the Quintessons were cast out. Avaricious, ruthless and very good at what they do, the Space Mafia have siezed control over most of the planet's underworld. Formerly based out of Polyhex, they have recently moved their headquarters to Protihex, much to the chagrin of that town's residents.

Other gangs, however, begrudge them that position. Governor's Crew, a smaller operation formerly based out of Polyhex, have started a planet-wide gang war against the Space Mafia in an attempt to drive them off of the planet.

In Iacon, Tzai Industries has become a major player in legal and illegal activities both. Led by Banzaitron and with the likes of Axer and Blades doing his dirty work, the Tzai has become a force to be reckoned with.

Those Transformers who have chosen to remain neutral in the conflicts that still grip their world have chosen the city of Protihex to make home. Autobots and Decepticons live side by side with aliens and common criminals in a city that has become incredably tense, a place where old hatreds constantly threaten to tear apart the new society that it being built.

If all of those things weren't bad enough, the Autobots and Decepticons find themselves dealing with a resurgent civilian population in their own cities, most vexingly including a reborn news media. Reporters with the Cybertron Broadcasting Corporation have made camp in every city-state on Cybertron, making it incredably difficult for anyone to do anything in secret.

Although they were defeated years ago, the surviving Quintessons remain a threat to peace on Cybertron. The scant few who remained on Cybertron after their crushing defeat have formed a variety of terrorist organizations, striking out against Autobot and Decepticon, soldier and civilian without discrimination.

Contact with Earth has been minimal as of late, but the human race has been irrevocably changed by their interactions with Cybertron. The same can be said of the Nebulan people.

Active Factions

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