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Character Summary
Name: Scrapper
Allegiance: Megatron's Decepticons
Rank: 5.0 - Warrant Officer
Motto: “My work is a monument to – and of – my enemies.”
Status: Alive
Body Design: Original
Current Player: Warcry
Former Player: secretcode
Former Player: Quick Switch

Scrapper is a modest technical genius who excels at visualizing, designing and building new technology. Artistic, polite and respectful, he is probably the most well-adjusted of the Constructicons, whom he commands. He is by far the most valuable member of the team, although he would never admit to it himself. He tends to incorporate the components of fallen Autobots into his creations, driven by equal parts pragmatism and a twisted sense of humour.

Character History

Old Continuity

(See Old Continuity)

Scrapper served as chief engineer for the Decepticon city Metrotitan. After the Transformers were driven off of Cybertron by the Quintessons Gigatron offered to make Scrapper the chief technical officer for the entire Decepticon army, but the modest Constructicon demurred and suggested Hammer instead.

Along with the rest of his team, he was killed after being placed under mind control by the mad scientist Bug Bite.

He was revived by Glit using parts scavenged from Decepticon civilians and memory backups dating to the early 1990s, alongside his teammates.

New Continuity

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