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Character Summary
Name: Predaking
Allegiance: Decepticon
Rank: 7.0 - Captain
Motto: “Destroy first, ask questions later.”
Status: Alive
Body Design: Custom
Current Player: Ravage
Former Player: Tempest
Former Player: Cryhavok
Former Player: Quick Switch

A decisive being with remarkable hunting instincts, Predaking moves in a fierce fluidity rarely seen in combined Cybertronians. The fusion of the five Predacon minds who comprise Predaking is considered to be one of the most effective in the history of gestalt technology. He moves, speaks, acts as if he were a single unit, rather than a chaotic amalgamation of seperate units. Intelligent, dexterous and able to make split second decisions, he his the closest thing the Deceptions have to a perfect warrior.

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