General LEGO discussion (inc. collectible minifigs)

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Re: General LEGO discussion (inc. collectible minifigs)

Post by Skyquake87 » Sun Feb 09, 2020 8:31 pm

I love that set. It looks so cool. I see Lego have finally cottoned onto the growing market for bootleg superhero minifigures and done a collectible series of DC superheroes ... ries-71026

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Re: General LEGO discussion (inc. collectible minifigs)

Post by ganon578 » Tue Feb 11, 2020 10:41 pm

Lego Star Wars 75218

Ordered this online since the price was right. Very nice model of the T-65 X-Wing, and I love the S-Foil mechanism. The only issues are the short laser cannons and the missile launchers on the ends of the wings. These are minor things though, as I really love all this set has to offer. It comes with Luke Skywalker/R2-D2 as well as Biggs Darklighter/R2-Q2. It even as extra plates with stickers for Red 5 (Luke) and Red 3 (Biggs) to swap when you swap pilots/astromechs. It's a really nice feature that extends play value. Sadly, the X-Wing doesn't have any storage for Luke's lightsaber, nor either of the pilots' blaster pistols. At any rate, this is a great set, and well worth the $$$.

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