The X-men: Astonishing, Uncanny, Amazing Failures, or Regular, Run-of-the-Mill Failures?

Including anime, manga and comics films.
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Skyquake87 wrote:
Sat Sep 06, 2014 8:07 am
I can only dimly recall the 2099 books. I seem to recall it was more that the mutants had their own sort of nation state - which is a massive ghetto really - and whilst not awesome, it was better than their present day counterparts had.
Spider-Man 2099 and The Punisher 2099 were set in a future NYC where corporations rule the world and Doom 2099 had someone claiming he was Dr. Doom (I'm pretty sure he wasn't the real Dr. Doom but I might be wrong) trying to reclaim his country and take over the world (which IIRC he did in a 2099 crossover) with a flying city-state that might have been Valhalla 2099 and it showed people awed by grass growing because there was little or no plant life in 2099.

Ravage 2099 was set on island in middle of the Atlantic that I think was made of trash and it ended with Ravage being buried in the stuff that coats Wolverine's bones and he died. After the late Stan Lee left the book it went down pretty fast.

Bear in mind I haven't read these books since they were originally published so my memory might be a bit off.

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