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LEGO Powermaster Prime by alanyap

I have a habit of nitpicking on the current TF and dreaming of how to improve them. As you can see, I base my creation here on God Ginrai / Powermaster Optimus Prime. The actual toy is as stiff as a brick. With many bricks in hand, I vow to make him poseable.

Achievements in this project...

  • Managed to put in some articulation in the robot mode.
  • The cannons on the trailer retain their position after it's transformed, without requiring them to detach.
  • Quite a decent base mode there. =)
  • Yo! He has a matrix fitted in his chest.

If I was to build it again, I would...

  • Ensure his head transformed differently.
  • Replace the current cab windshield with one similar to the real Prime, with two windows.
  • Make the trailer back door able to flip out to touch the ramp, allowing vehicles to drive up onto the ramp
  • Powermaster-ize him again. The one you see now is HiQ-less, making him powerless in the face of beatings by Overlord.

My own rating of this creation:  7.5 out of 10

|◄[thumb: ./atr01.jpg][thumb: ./atr04.jpg][thumb: ./base01.jpg][thumb: ./base07.jpg][thumb: ./prime03.jpg][thumb: ./prime04.jpg][thumb: ./prime21.jpg]►|

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|◄[thumb: ./atr01.jpg][thumb: ./atr04.jpg][thumb: ./base01.jpg][thumb: ./base07.jpg][thumb: ./prime03.jpg][thumb: ./prime04.jpg][thumb: ./prime21.jpg]►|

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