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LEGO Overlord by alanyap

Overlord is one of my most loved TFs since he has a very cool base mode. I just had to build him one day! And finally I did. Getting the tank mode done was a big challenge. After I was done building this, I sensed a void in myself.. for a few days that is (as if I'd fulfilled my greatest LEGO dreams and there was nothing more to be done anymore).. Ah well.. Just to let you all know how meaningful this creation is to me. =)

Achievements in this project...

  • Cramming two transformable Powermaster engines into his chest.
  • The tank has real treads!
  • Center base mode ramp blended nicely into the jet mode.

If I was to rebuild him again, I would...

  • Ensure the Powermaster figure fit in the jet's cockpit.
  • Make a sitting area in the tank mode for the Powermaster figures.
  • Ensure the jet nosecone/cockpit transformed into a more imposing base mode center tower.
  • Make a sleeker ramp connector, as the current one may cause punctured tyres for any vehicles going onto it from the group.

My own rating of this creation:  7.5 out of 10

|◄[thumb: ./a_pair05.jpg][thumb: ./b_jet04.jpg][thumb: ./c_tank04.jpg][thumb: ./g_bot01.jpg][thumb: ./g_bot11.jpg][thumb: ./k_base6.jpg]►|

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|◄[thumb: ./a_pair05.jpg][thumb: ./b_jet04.jpg][thumb: ./c_tank04.jpg][thumb: ./g_bot01.jpg][thumb: ./g_bot11.jpg][thumb: ./k_base6.jpg]►|

External Link:

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