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LEGO Masterpiece Prime Trailer by alanyap

After I'd done version 1.00 of the Trailer, I'd been thinking of getting some bulk parts to build four units of it (to be sold.) In the end, I built this one, using more bricks than usual, and with some improvement on how the trailer expands to become a base. And I only managed to build two units of the trailer with the parts I bought (with some leftover parts), sigh. And I didn't manage to sell them off yet.  

Roller here is a particularly unique piece of creation accompanying the trailer. He can tow the trailer around and he transforms into a pteradactyl too!

Achievements in this project...

  • Roller deserves an alt mode, and I've given him one.
  • More expansive base, so it can accommodate four deluxe-sized TF vehicles on the repair bay.

If I was to build it again, I would...

  • Not rebuild it until I sell at least the one I have in hand! Grrr..!

My own rating of this creation:  7 out of 10

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External Link:

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