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LEGO Devastator by alanyap

I'm building him out of popularity factor. I know most of you like this gestalt (me too!) This time I'm focusing more on the articulation part, so I have do away with the transformation. Maybe I will do the same in the future for all the gestalts I'm planning to build.

Achievements in this project...

  • He's very articulated!
  • He can stand on one leg.

If I were to build him again, I would...

  • Put the 2 halves of the dump trucks back on his butt, not behind his thighs.
  • Make a better crane-shaped shoulder. (But this then might limit his head movement.)
  • Make a better, more devastating looking head.

My own rating of this creation:  8 out of 10

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|◄[thumb: ./dev02.jpg][thumb: ./dev04.jpg][thumb: ./dev07.jpg][thumb: ./dev12.jpg][thumb: ./dev15.jpg]►|

External Link:

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