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LEGO Cybertron Starscream by alanyap

Bought a number of "Titan XP" LEGO sets on clearance. Wondered what to do with them. Finally I used up a box to make this creation (plus about 80 to 100 pieces of extra black LEGO parts from my collection.) So, with this color scheme, he's now being called Dark Starscream, and his transformation is taking cues from the Cybertron / Galaxy Force Starscream.

Achievements in this project...

  • Built up this creation from limited parts.
  • Making his ignition key attack feature (the flipped-out saw blades from both arms.)

If I was to build it again, I would...

  • Make a more Starscream-ish head.

My own rating of this creation:  7.5 out of 10

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External Link:

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