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Just some Transformers fans who can't
get enough of talking giant robots.

But don't take our word for it—
"Tom's Okay." -The highest praise a letterer can
hope to receive.
(Tom B. Long)

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Podcast Maximus Episode 14


More Than Meets the Eye 53: Dog Day Afternoon.

Stuart, Marian and Tom complete a thorough autopsy of a certain Turbofox before the sun sets. In their analysis of Dying of the Light Part 4, they sift through Chromedome and Rewind's relationship, Baldrick's poetry and what on Earth Rodimus was thinking with that present for Megatron.

And don't forget the chance for you to be on the podcast if you send us an audio clip before the end of June! Full details can be found on YouTube or read on this forum thread.

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