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Several months have gone by since the Autobot-Decepticon Alliance emerged victorious over Jhiaxus' legions on Earth. Since then, several small groups of second-generation Decepticons have caused trouble, but for the most part their activities have been disorganized and posed no real threat. The majority of Autobots and Decepticons have turned their attentions elsewhere, with only diehards like Grimlock continuing to pursue the Cybertronians through the depths of space. Predictably, many on both sides have begun to distance themselves from their supposed allies, and the consensus is that the Alliance's time is fleeting. Optimus Prime, perhaps the one being who could hold things together, is preoccupied with his attempts to shed light on Cybertron's dark past, and is spending an increasing amount of his time in the planet's core, studying with the ancient priests who call themselves the Keepers.

On Earth, humanity has only begun to heal the wounds caused by Bludgeon and Jhiaxus. With hundreds of millions dead across the world, San Francisco and the surrounding area reduced to a radioactive wasteland and many national infrastructures lying in a state of ruin, Transformers are understandably unpopular at the moment. However, the Autobots have no intention of simply abandoning humanity, and have dispatched a new, covert Earthforce to provide clandestine aid to the human recovery efforts...and to deal with some other unfinished business as well.

Part One:Haven
Part Two:Luck of the Draw
Part Three:Shock and Awe
Part Four:Soldiers of the Empire
Part Five:Call to Arms
Part Six:Pandora's Box
Part Seven:Tipping Point
Part Eight:Collision
Part Nine:On The Battlements
Part Ten:Underground
Part Eleven:The Order of Things
Part Twelve:Forsaken
Part Thirteen:The Way Forward
Part Fourteen:Outbreak
Part Fifteen:Typecast
Part Sixteen:Apex Predator
Part Seventeen:The Truth
Part Eighteen:Realignments
Part Nineteen:Truth and Reconciliation, Decepticon Style
Part Twenty:Unhappy Returns
Part Twenty-One:Mostly Human
Part Twenty-Two:Two Heads...

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The Cybertronian Empire
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