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Human After All
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Default Straxus and Nemesis (Prime)

Name: Straxus
Titan: Nemesis Prime
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Industrialist, Mercenary
Alternate Mode(s): Truck and Trailer, Airplane
Weapons/Equipment: Energon Sword, Double Barreled Ion Blaster
Motto: "Begging for mercy is pointless. Death is the only kindness I have to give."

Strength: 10
Intelligence: 7
Speed: 8
Endurance: 10
Rank: 8
Courage: 8
Firepower: 10
Skill: 7



Straxus, more formally Lord Straxus of Darkmount, was an integral gear in the Decepticon war machine. As the owner and head of the massive weapons foundries and war forges within the principality he once lorded over, he was responsible for the Decepticons keeping the Autobots out-gunned thoughout the war. He mass-produced swords, rifles, heavy munitions, bombs, and even warships and star cruisers.

However, even as he headed a cornerstone of the war effort, Straxus was unpopular among the Decepticon leadership. He was less than concerned with the ideals of the revolution, or even with the revolution itself. Indeed, he seemed content to rake in the profit from his arms manufacturing while keeping to himself, ruling his own industrial serfdom from his iron throne, brutalizing and executing anyone he desired, slaughtering for slaughterís sake. He performed arcane and disgusting experiments, the rumors of which horrified even the most blood-thirsty of Decepticons.

The exodus from Cybertron lost Straxus his many factories, and the near ending of the war lost him most of his importance within the Decepticon hierarchy. Despite technically possessing a seat and a vote on the Decepticon Council, he hasnít been called to a Council meeting in decades. Straxus doesnít mind too much though. Aside from managing some new, more modest, factories, Straxus has found that the end of the war leaves him with much more time to indulge his more.. esoteric interests.

Even though he was more suited to being formatted into a bulk when the Titan Master process came about, Straxus chose to be reformatted into a Titan Master, and refused to be partnered with a bulk, stating that he would find a suitable partner for himself.

Titan Body

Nemesis Prime was once an Autobot, itís not known exactly who, that was captured during an off-the-books attack on one of Straxusís smaller factories. Of the five ĎBot team, three were killed, and two were brought before Straxus. One was used as leverage to force their spark brother to smuggle a copy the blueprints for Optimus Primeís upcoming body redesign. Straxus had the brothers thrown into a smelting pool for their help. The other was to be Straxusís plaything.

The only true desire Straxus has is to be the strongest. To be able to impose his will upon whoever he desires. If he could take Optimusís body.. the body of a Prime.. he would be unstoppable. And if he could take an Autobot, a servant of that Prime, and force him to be that body, to cooperate willingly, to break his spirit that thoroughly, well that would just be icing on the cake wouldnít it?

He took the Autobot, disassembled him, force-fed him information on Autobot war crimes, reassembled him, played doctored audio of Optimus insulting the Autobot, disassembled him once more. Once he had the blueprints, Straxus slowly and painfully reconstructed him into a dark facsimile of the beloved Autobot commander. With his mind broken, and a spark filled only with bloodlust against his former faction, the Autobot that once was fell away, leaving only Nemesis Prime.

Abilities: Nemesis Prime is an exact replica, cosmetics aside, of Optimus Primeís triple changer body, with the accompanying strength and firepower that comes with it. Straxus and Nemesis are infinitely more ruthless than Optimus, however, and are more willing to put their lethal prowess to use.

Weaknesses: Straxus and Nemesis are also significantly less skilled that Optimus, and would be unlikely to fare well in a straight match. Also, while Straxus is by far the dominant mind when linked, Nemesisís mental instability does seep in, lessening the tyrantís greatly desired control over every situation.

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Human After All
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Hey, I got a real profile written up! Straxus is a bad and edgy boy.
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