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Default G.I Joes reboots

Does anyone miss the old cartoons besides me? What do think of the new ones?

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Cyberstrike nTo
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In the Dead Universe known as Indianapolis

The original series had it's moments and the opening to G.I. Joe: The Movie with the Joes and Cobra battling at the Statue of Liberty is still the best animation ever done IMHO. Some of the episodes felt like they were ahead of their time. In one episode Cobra was going to destroy all the police records around the world via a computer virus that was going to be transmitted through the phones and computers hooked up to the lines via a device called a modem.

They had one episode where Cobra captures a scientist that has figured out how to clone dinosaurs and accelerate their growth and Cobra wants to use them as weapons and at the end of the episode the scientist thinks that he should turn the island into an amusement park and Flint tells him to forget it and that the dinosaurs will be left alone on the island. Sound familiar?

The two parter where some of the Joes fall into a parallel dimension where Cobra won the war and it ends with the Baroness of that universe tricking that universe Cobra Commander and Destro into a Cobra Civil War and with two of the Joes staying behind to help fight the good there was a great twist.

The series set after the movie had a few moments. Other than restoring Cobra Commander to a human like character and he retakes command of Cobra, the rest of Operation: Dragonfire was pretty stupid. The anti-drug two parter with the revelation that Falcon is a junkie and Duke pretty much disowning him which causes Falcon to fall even further was a different touch to those kind of stories. The episodes with some of the Joes thinking that General Hawk was getting too old to be their leader and Hawk is also thinking the same but when they are on a private Joe vacation island that Cobra takes over and Hawk not only proves to the other Joes but to himself that he still has what it takes to lead the Joes. The one set on Alcatraz was pretty cool. The rest were stupid or just forgettable.

G.I. Joe: Resolute is an awesome little series/movie. It's the most violent and Cobra is not playing around this time. The Snake-Eyes/Storm Shadow fight is brutal, nasty, and intense. I loved how Cobra Commander was always presented as a completely cold hearted and ruthless bastard, if was always presented that way he would be one of the greatest villains of all time.

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