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Old 2017-01-16, 06:10 PM   #21
electro girl
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I've been avoiding discussion on this as my copy just arrived today. I can live with the art but everything else was pretty meh, I wanted more Getaway stuff. If anyone needs me I'll be building a teleporter den and drawing some Drift/Rodimus fan art for Tumblr.

A Chinese cartoon where the robots turn into blingwads!
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Old 2017-02-01, 01:10 PM   #22
Auntie Slag
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Love the story, the Functionist world is freaky as hell, and its only going to encourage them to worm their way into the Lost Lighters universe, unless Megatron and co can stop them. Which makes me worry that Roller and Terminus will be the red shirts in this arc!

The art is good, but it makes everyone look slightly kiddified. Style-wise if Milne was an 18-rated, then this is like a PG certificate. Hope to go they bring Milne back because his was the pen that added so much weight to Roberts serious scenes e.g. Overlord bearing down on Ratchet, Pharma slicing Ambulon etc. And why get rid of him anyway? Hes a class act.

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