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Old 2016-12-09, 02:53 PM   #1
inflatable dalek
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Default More Than Meets the Eye Revolution.

Out now (well, a few days ago, but I've had computer troubles) and Spoilers ho!

I think that was the most unashamedly funny TF comic since the glorious Spotlight Ramjet.

Like that, the rule of funny is first and foremost here, unlike in even the most light-hearted fare the two authors have done the internal logic isn't as tight as usual (unless I missed something there's not even a token explanation as to why only one admin guy from all of American's armed forces and special units in interested in the robot dinosaur. Nor why that kid at the start is excited to be taking pictures rather than running screaming from one of the monsters that decimated America), but as long as you role with the conceits this is just brilliantly daft.

I think my favourite joke in the whole thing was the burying of MP3. Not just an initial funny joke but it was then built upon brilliantly.

Of course, the danger of doing an issue of a big comic crossover that sends up the conceits of big comic crossovers is that IDW had published a lot of issues in Revolution and asked for a lot of money for it. Ending with "Ahhhhhh, bit silly isn't it?" could have resulted in a mass punching of the nearest walls from readers.

I think it actually managed to walk the line though (albeit from the perspective of someone who didn't give a hoot about Revolution, YMMV) thanks to two things:

First, despite the title byline it has nothing to do with the rest of the crossover as far as I can tell. Indeed, this may be the most accessible to new readers comic of the year as all you really need to know is how crossovers work to follow the gags and it's all very self contained despite working from the prior established Scavenger relationships.

This creates a sense of distance from the main event, it's not specifically taking the mickey out of the story you've spent X amount reading, it's a more general comedy at the style. Plus it means anyone who has been following and loving Revolution proper still has that story intact and untainted (though I suppose anyone who hates MTMTE and bought this on the assumption it would be relevant to the rest will be annoyed).

The second key thing is that the Crossover ultimately has a positive effect on the characters. Yes, like all crossovers it doesn't really drastically change anything (well, except for Crankcase I suppose. But then, this was the first time we've learnt of his Thunderwing issues, so it basically creates a new long standing problem for him to resolve. Even Grimlock is more continuing his arc along the curve he was already on) for the regulars, but it does end positively for them and makes a difference in the lives of the two guest stars.

Which is then comedically undone in MP3's case, but he still got to achieve saving the day, even if his resignation went all wrong.

That's clever in that it makes the book more of an affectionate parody than a sneering one.

And there's just so much good stuff here! Considering the hallmark of Barber's era as editor has been the use of old continuity everyone had very nearly forgotten--sometimes well, sometimes "Didn't we kill Nova Prime twice already?"--it was incredibly brilliant to just about (give or take) end that time with Thunderwing randomly turning up. And for the twist to be it's not really old baggage but something new and fun.

Both authors, as should be expected, worked well together as well. I honestly couldn't see the join (I suspect the look at Joe bureaucracy was Roberts, mainly because despite often comparing his stories to RTD or The Moff he has more than a bit of Robert Holmes in him when it comes to Who writer comparisons) and clearly just revelling in the fun of it. If one word could sum up the whole thing it would probably be "Joyous".

Even the slightly tortuous dialogue to get the snooker gag to work was brilliant.

And as for the art...

Well as anyone who follows Alex Milne on twitter will know, despite the "Alternating arcs" announcement earlier in the year, he himself doesn't seem very confident he'll be working on Lost Light for anything other than covers. I've no idea what's going on there (and who knows, maybe nothing is going on and it's something perfectly sensible that just looks very odd from the outside without all facts), but if this his last bow it's a really good one. He knows exactly the sort of story he's working on and adjusts his usual style to match, just that little bit bigger and brasher and louder than normal. Smashing stuff.

So yeah, really liked that. Who wants to bet James and Nick got all their snooker knowledge from Big Break?
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Old 2016-12-11, 02:28 PM   #2
Auntie Slag
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Cambridge, UK
Cool You were lampooning me, it was nothing but a simple lampoon!

I love that Transformers have their own chat-rooms with amusing screen names and avatars.

The title of this story is: 'Nothing will ever be the same again'. That alone is a glorious two-fingers up to all this conceited crossover crap, and every other time a title is forced to shake things up.
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Old 2016-12-12, 11:52 PM   #3
Death's Head
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I must thank James for the mental image of Grimlock "curling off" a mess. Put me right off me profiteroles!

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