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Old 2016-02-25, 09:11 PM   #1
inflatable dalek
Duke of Kidderminster
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Kidderminster UK
Smile Ex-RID 50: All Hail Optimus.

I'll admit to being trepidations going into this. Those of you who listen to Podcast Maximus (and if not, why not hey?) will know I wasn't so keen on the previous arc despite the upswing on 49, and as I'm not a AHM fan a story that starts from the premise that it was worth tipping the hat to didn't inspire much confidence.

The end result was actually great fun though. Mostly on a surface level but it had lots of fun action, some nice gags (Starscream and ghost Bumblebee remain a joy) and Marissa admitting to actually liking Thundercracker was actually sweet.

Still not sure about the storyline as a whole though, the fact everyone except Optimus can see this is only going to end badly just makes him look stupid and Spike getting back in the field doesn't seem very likely (if nothing else his training is between five and eight years out of date depending on which chronology you want to go with. Considering all the advances in human tech in that time he's a dinosaur. Did the person who thought Mulder and Scully becoming FBI agents again with no retraining was a good idea approve that?) or interesting.

And Jesus, Blackrock won't shut up even when his face has been removed. I can't decide if that was parody or not.

Despite those overall arc niggles, a really neat issue that showed everyone involved at the top of their game.

EDIT: Oh, and did Prowl have to be in the issue? That just drains some tension over his fate in Sins. Especially as it seems he isn't go to change as a result of it. He's not even fixed his eye!
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Old 2016-02-25, 09:40 PM   #2
Sod. Off
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So Optimus is World Conquering Megatron, Galvatron is Total Domination Megatron and Soundwave is Rebellious Upstart Megatron. Thundercracker (and Buster) continues to carry the book
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Old 2016-03-23, 02:48 PM   #3
Red Dave Prime
Assistant Comic Reviewer
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Very late to this one (but it would seem early to ex-RID 51!)

This issue is a real odd ball mis-mash of different things happening - to the point where its all a bit of a muddle and little registers. I cant say much of this issue was much fun and that's disappointing because I've recently found ex-RID to be a fun cluster-**** the last 6 issues that barreled through it's faults with a certain bravado that was enjoyable. Almost like a comic version of a knowing 80's action flick. Also, the idea of Prime trying to protect the galaxy under a unified banner is interesting and could tie in well with the galactic council stuff from MTMTE. Sadly though and much like the end of Remain in light and I suspect the moments from Dying of the Light, I dont think there will be joined up thinking going on here. As such, the impact feels a lot less and only serves to highlight the difference between the two comics. Essentially, they could be completely unrelated.

So even if this double issue is a let down in terms of scope, it could still be fun in terms of plain execution but I dont feel thats the case. The disjointed feel highlights a cast that is perhaps too big with key characters and plots kept in holding patterns while the rest of the huge cast catches up. A better writer is needed I feel, because at times this feels like the worst of the Furman IDW run. Throw in the classic mistake of returning characters and traits that no-one liked the first time (Spike is back front and centre, Optimus is "UNSURE"(TM)) and overall what should have been a launching pad for a new take feels like we've just reset back to a slightly different costa era. At this point I'd like either Galvatron or Tarn to properly take up the mantle and return us to a proper stat of war because this in between has been played out too much and the Human tech level makes me wonder why Prime needs to become earths protector at all.
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