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Old 2017-05-12, 08:59 AM   #1
Auntie Slag
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Cambridge, UK
Red face Lost Light #5

I'm first to read this again? Have I been zapped into an alternate universe?

Well I'm not going to go all spoilerific, so I'll just air a general whiffiness that I don't like about this comic anymore; how can someone get utterly trashed and be perfectly fine the next issue? (unless you're Ambulon or Pipes).

When Sunder turned people like Thunderclash and Rodimus inside out, there was never any repercussions! Fair enough that we haven't seen Thunderclash lately, but Rodimus certainly seems to be his same old arrogant self. Cyclonus has spent the last issue or two missing an arm and half his torso, yet he was able to get the better of Killmaster? How inept is everyone else in the Transformers universe?

There's no point Cyclonus getting torn apart or shot to hell, or someone being turned inside out if it doesn't affect them. Prime's been killed dozens of times over the years and it usually winds him up!

I like Whirl, Ratchet Chromedome and Rewind, because when they get beaten up or suffer terribly it becomes part of their personality. Whether that's being a sarcastic, black-hearted murderer or a grouchy, cynical but well meaning Doctor. Everyone else may as well have received a late library notice for all the trauma they seem to endure.

And the Legislators. Do they come in various sizes? When Skids first encountered them they were giants. During 'Remain in Light' they'd dropped a few sizes and now Ten is sometimes larger, sometimes smaller than Magnus.

And this issue; it doesn't grip me like an episode from Slaughterhouse or Elegant Chaos. I guess they can't all do that, but he does his usual trick of answering one burning question in a roundabout sort of way, and then setting up about five more!

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Old 2017-05-12, 04:11 PM   #2
inflatable dalek
Duke of Kidderminster
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Kidderminster UK

My first thought on reading the issue was "Nice", and indeed, there's a lot of nice scenes here. Nightbeat and Rung; Ratchet taking no shit, Megatron and Terminus discussing the former's fate, Brainstorm being a cheeky bugger and so on.

I'm still not sure about the actual overall plots though. Especially I'm not sure why Rodimus is being such a dick in refusing to help. It seems at odds with his "Do the right thing no matter what" decision in Dying of the Light (which was after he lost the Lost Light, so it's not going after Getaway that's driving him) and feels like a backwards step for him.

There's also a sense that the A and B plots are out of sync, notably not getting follow up on Cyclonus and Tailgate here feels like it's being shoved back an issue so there's something to happen on Necroworld in issue 6. And is it me, or does it feel like no one care Tailgate is randomly attacking people?

A lot is really going to depend on next month and how it hits these points on the head. A lot of the things that seem to be revealed here were guessed months ago, obviously the more you read of any author the better you'll know their style and can guess these things, but hopefully Lug not being real or Megatron staying won't be as obvious as they seem here. Some big left turns would be nice.

So that leaves this as a transitory issue that's hard to judge without the full context of the conclusion. Hopefully it will be elevated in retrospect (certainly whatever niggles I had with Dying of the Light pretty much vanished upon reading in trade).

Artwise it's odd, I like Lawrence's expressions (Ratchet and Nightbeat especially) and his action is generally fine. But a lot feels rushed (IDW seem to be having trouble staying on schedule at the moment, which may or may not have something to do with it), and I think that hurts the story in places. Notably Cyclonus looking a lot better when the docs have only just gotten to Fangry, but the ending falls a bit flat as well, feeling like two characters posing rather than something more dangerous. I think Rung is supposed to be a lot more mental than he's coming across visually as well.

At the moment though this is pretty firmly average (which is generally pretty...well, nice by most standards). Of course, season 2 took a few issues to get in to the groove after Dark Cybertron (and also read much better second time around), though that had the advantage of a shorter opening story.

(on the Milne-phant in the room, he did an interview with Transmissions a few weeks ago that was actually fairly cheerful--even if brunt in saying IDW don't care about the artists--and clarifies a few things. Notably, and thankfully as the way it was handled at the time made it seem very dickish, he did know Lawrence would be coming on the book as an alternate artist before it was announced. It was just the batting order that surprised him.

We've also not quite passed the point of no return for him as he was told--though this has yet to become an offer so it is still up in the air--he'd be on LL after finishing TF V Rom. He's fairly sanguine about the whole thing though.

It does seem IDW were keen to shake up the art on both books, even if Griffith was keen to move on anyway. Which should kill the "Roberts got Milne sacked for his mate!" thing I've seen a few times in different places. Even if it does leave the hopefully erroneous impression they wanted to swap the established artists for ones with less pro-experience they could pay less.)
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Old 2017-05-12, 06:01 PM   #3
Auntie Slag
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Cambridge, UK

Lawrence is good as a TF artist, but his visuals don't have the bite this story needs. The Functionist Council should be scaring the living shite out of eight year old me, but only with Milne's art. How downright scary and dangerous Alex made the DJD and Overlord look. They conveyed weight, muscle and powerful menace, it was pretty awesome and really sold them as new characters.

I hope Milne does come back when its time for someone vital to get their head royally kicked in, and then continue drawing for the Lost Light.
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