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Old 2013-10-09, 05:06 PM   #21
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Originally Posted by tahukanuva View Post
None of the latest batch of uploaded reviews seem to have images, y'all.
Will fix as fast as I can. Uploaded. Also uploaded Numbat's photos of Clench and Skyquake.

Thanks for pointing it out!

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Old 2014-07-15, 01:33 PM   #22
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Predaking doesn't have an Alternative Mode, except as broken up Predacons. Maybe the request for his alt mode picture should be taken down...
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Old 2015-08-26, 02:38 AM   #23
Default Problem with the reviews

I don't know if you haven't notice it, but when you guys put the review up on the site, whatever is in quotes gets stretched out past the block and into the picture section, creating quite a mess. check out my MP-22 Ultra Magnus to see what I mean.

SWMBO just discovered I preordered MP-20 Wheeljack, MP-21 Bumblebee and MP-22 Ultra Magnus perfect edition for almost $300 = My butt goes on the couch for another week...or two..........or.........three!!!!!
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Old 2015-08-26, 06:01 AM   #24
Likes Beast Wars toys. A lot.
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Thanks for pointing that out. I think I've fixed it on the Magnus review. Have you spotted it anywhere else?
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Old 2015-08-26, 05:43 PM   #25
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Whoops, should've paid more attention. Mea culpa.

I really never uploaded a review with a Quote section before, so yeah, I just thought it's going to follow the format that it would in the forums.
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