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So with Ratchet and First Aid gone, and Ambulon and that medical droid dead, who are the medical geniuses who will be putting Thunderclash, Froid et al together again? Was the implication that the same happened to Rodimus too? And there's still someone technical enough on board to disable Getaway like that, too.

Yeah that final scene was pretty brutal. Skids is the (part) architect of the Smelting Pools, great reference to a story nearly 30 years old, great that its an Autobot that is the cause of this. And the artist really went to town on that final image. Also the Thunderclash splitting in half scene reminded me strongly of a Thunderclash centric scene in Robert's Eugene's novel.

I liked Skid's keenness on the job. He just loves to be busy. Nice contrast also to 30 years ago where you had a neutral who was forced into creating the Decepticon Space Bridge, and here you have an Autobot who was almost happy to do it. And now they're both spanners.
The medical officer on board is Velocity right now [picked up from Thunderclash's crew in the space barnacles two-parter].

Very true on Tarn, I don't think anybody refers to him by name in the prison. I might be wrong but I think JR did mention that he's the first [and only] Tarn so far?

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