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Originally posted by Darth Shrapnel
Yeah, but most of that problem has to do with the retailers not ordering or stocking enough. At least the fans haven`t paid for those figures that haven`t appeared in stores yet. It`s not as bad as paying $40 for just one magazine.
Or so they claim. I'm convinced that's more or less Hasbro needing a scapegoat as well.

Originally posted by Hound
You can't really blame Hasbro for that. When retailers have shelves packed with Armada Smokescreen, Unicron, and Energon Scorponok they're not likely to be ordering a bunch more toys that they can't help but assume won't sell.
Well, like Luke said, that's their fault for having a weak wave 1. Also, they obviously package too many of a given figure. Part of me also wonders if Hasbro has a quota established for waves so that you have to buy a certain amount before you get the next wave.
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