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Smile Hasbro Film Universe and Transformers Reboot A Coming.

Because they don't seem to have learnt their lesson from the failure of the comic version:

Slightly confused by the idea Bumblebee will still be Bay continuity, it seems odd to announce a big reboot before the final old film comes out. Unless it's going to be pitched as a grade finale it'll be hard for it not to look like a dead end. Plus, what if it's a ridiculously massive hit? They won't sequelise it?

Considering there's no TF film in the Hasbroverse side of the table (when you'd think they'd want their big hitter in there), I'm wondering if it actually will be the reboot and TFW got a bit confused in their reporting? Especially as the set up of the 'Bee film would let them just redo the '07 film set up but in the '80's.

Either way, for all the cheering on Twitter, I suspect the shift will be less a Batman Begins from Batman and Robin sort of a thing, and more the way every Spider-Man reboot is basically the same bar dropping baggage and letting them bring killed villains back and it's easy for folks who only watch every couple of years and don't make extensive notes to not even notice it's not all set in the same world.

As for the other Hasbro films... meh.

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