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As far as Hot Rod goes, I don't even bother learning the names of the Autobots. Do they have names? Have any of them had names? I remember one of them was called Ironhide and that Jazz got ripped in half in the first one. Beyond that, it's a shrug. Prime, Bumblebee and a random cast of jobbers has been the theme so far, and I'd expect that to continue.
's what I mean. For the first couple of movies, I remember being excited for [character] being rumored to show up, but experience has shown that the films (rightly) just do their own thing without worrying about previous entries. But the part of me that came to watch them with all the baggage of seeing previous iterations of the brand knows to not get too bothered. So what's left to get excited about is... big explosion summer tentpole feature.

...I do love me some Movie Prime something fierce, though...
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