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Smile Prime Wars info

(considered putting this in the ongoing Hasbro thread, but thought it probably warrants one of its own)

Early info seeping through about TF: Prime Wars, via 4chan (following copy/pasted from DaimChoc's FB page, attachment is screengrab of same info from 4chan/tfg

Prime Wars next Gimmick is toys to life. Download an App and scan the card that comes with the figure onto your iphone. Play "stages"(it's unkown what type of game it's going to be) using said character.
Titanmasters will be replaced by equally smaller guys. They won't be headmasters but closer to Micromasters that become target masters or weapon platforms.
Legends will still be able to cart the tiny men around
Prime Wars will still be mostly 88-89 crew. Things like Turbomasters will show up from time to time.
All 5 Dinobots will be made as well as the remaining 3 insecticons will appear. Ransack will show up towards the end of TR as will Barrage. Venom will either be Wave 6 of TR or Wave 1 of PW. He's like Buzzsaw in CW where he may not be able to fit into wave 1.
Scorponok will be Next Titan after Trypticon
TR Arcee is just a repaint of TR Loudmouth

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