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Having just checked, no charge on my account yet. Presuming I'll be getting the first four again (which would seem to be standard and fits with not having been charged for the trial) coupled with no advertising or mention of the book's formal launch (though the website has been revamped a bit, no more "Andrew Wlidman") that all seems odd. Especially as the Who one normally comes in parallel with the newstand release of the first of the two issues you're getting.

Shame it sounds as if there hasn't been time for any feedback from the trial to be put into effect. The Trek one had a much longer gestation period (it trialed before this and won't be starting till January!) and did shift some things, such as changing the subscriber bonus books.

Were the free gifts all present and correct?

EDIT: Actually, you should have gotten three books as Primal Scream comes free with anyone whose sub includes issue 2 (and the Who partwork had a similar deal and three issues in its first delivery), is this perhaps your trial sub finally being sent out?

DOUBLE EDIT: I should say I mean your Hachette account rather than asking you to check your bank!

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