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I can see the logic of doing The Origin of Optimus Prime as one of the early ones, though equally there's a couple of IDW stories that could equally fit the bill (either one from the writer of Transformers The Movie or even the pretty damn awesome Chaos Theory if they wanted to show the real start of his journey). I think WW I is fairly standalone as well though isn't it?

Doing it and Stormbringer in the test run was probably a mistake though. Something more recent would have made more sense to give a good cross sample of everything being offered.

A lot of people do seem to want just a Marvel one, and I wonder if that'll undo it. Would the 20ish issues that'd take be too small for a part work? I can certainly see a lot of people picking and chosing just those if it goes beyond the trial.

And speaking of the trial, I assumed this announcement was for something forthcoming, but the TFW thread has an inhand pic of the T:2006 book, so it's out in the test area already (though they don't say where the test area is!).

Sadly the thread has mostly been taken over by someone very angry at the term "Generation One" being used for anything other than the Marvel comics because OBVIOUSLY GENERATION ONE ENDED WHEN GENERATION 2 STARTED, THAT'S HOW GENERATIONS WORK DUH.
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